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07 Nov 2019
Winger Borja Galán is convinced that Deportivo are improving despite missing the victory since matchday 01. He also says that the environment is positive at the changing room despite the team is the last place at Segunda.

Borja Galán addressed the media on Wednesday; he is one of the two candidates to perform at the right-back position as Bóveda is suspended and David Simón is injured; he commented about the issue, "The right-back is a position in which I have trained for several days and I have played there for a while. We are in a complicated situation on the right side and if the coach thinks it’s appropriate, then I am willing to do it. Valín is another good option for the spot. He played at Las Palmas and had a good game. I’m comfortable at the team. I’ve seen myself with participation.”

The Madrilenian player is convinced that Deportivo are improving despite the results, "We return to the Riazor with the best of spirits. To endorse the improvement that has being seen. We are controlling the bleeding of goals we had, and we have also managed to score in both games away. We are growing, the line is positive "

“The improvement is happening, but we are aware that we need to increase it, because what we have seen so far isn’t giving us enough to win a game. We have spent many games without winning and anxiety is not the ideal situation to face a vital game. If you lack the icing to the good atmosphere at the changing room is to get the result that will lift our spirits." He added.

Galán was questioned by the poor impression left in the last game at Fuenlabrada CF, and he said that, "The game at Fuenlabrada had special conditions for the field and the opponent, because they feel very comfortable with the direct game. We had to adapt to that style, I don’t think it’s something to take into account for the next games."

He was also asked about how the team is handling the pressure of not winning, "We are in a situation where both personal and group confidence is not ideal and we have chosen to simplify concepts, make everything much more practical. Talking about this when we are the last place sounds crazy, but when we could get a victory, to chain good results, you will see the true level of this squad, which is much higher."

"The situation in which we are is something that nobody likes, but not only because you don't like it you're going to get out of there, you need facts, not words. If they tell me when I come here that I will see myself in mid-November being last, of course I was going to say no. I know it sounds like a cliché, but there's a lot to go.” He added.

Borja Galán ended saying that there’s no tension and neither nervousness for the lack of victories, "There is no tension, much less. We are a group of lads that are very nice and we have very healthy people. It’s very complicated when you have these numbers to see a good atmosphere reigning, but it’s happening."



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