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08 Nov 2019
Samuele Longo conceded an interview to La Voz de Galicia; the Italian striker says that he wants to stay and succeed at Depor, and also said that right now the team is focused in improving its defensive performance.

Q: Depor, the bottom club. Thirteen games without winning. Can you still aspire to something more than save yourself?
A: I'm completely convinced. The reality is that there are many points to dispute, there is the calendar. In Segunda three good games and you are up there, and two bad ones and you return to the bottom. Many challenges are still waiting and thatís why we have to go game by game until itís time to throw a line and see how high we are and what we can aspire to. I think we can enter play-off quietly.

Q: This situation will seem little to what I imagined when you decided to come.
A: Itís clear that I didnít imagine this, but this is football. I came to Deportivo with all the hope of the world, because if we were able to climb, I would stay, and thatís my greatest hope. Playing here in Primera is the hope of many at this changing room.

Q: The hope is to stay. Eleven teams in nine seasons. Doesn't it frustrate you to be a round trip player?
A: I have what I have lived and I look for the positive side. Of course, it wasnít what I imagined when I was little, I have been saying it for years, but in the end, I have learned from many coaches, I have had many team mates, of all kinds. What happens is that, it has been already 27 years and I would like some stability, not changing everything every time. And just the fact of not making any more moves... Go from one side to another, always start from scratch, to adapt ... All that weighs. That is why I also chose Depor; This is a club where we can be promoted and a club where I can stay.

Q: Does one get used to that life? Yours is practically a unique situation in this sport.
A: No. You don't get used to it. Before I wanted to spend more time in Girona, and before in another team, of course. Of course, it is hard not to be able to do it, but itís better if you donít think about it, if you are looking to get the best out of each site and each team. Do I want to stay in one place? Yes. Thatís why continuing at Depor would be the best for me. I donít know how many more there will be in my situation, surely very few, but I know that itís something that has touched me, and that's it. I know what happened and those are club affairs, not mine. Mine is to think about everyday life. That I am now at Depor and I want to stay here.

Q: Is there something positive in that continuous round trip?
A: I think I have a more open mind than years ago and I have learned things, customs, from every place I have been through, but although I am moderately young, I do believe that all my changes havenít helped me. For example, to start a family.

Q: Each season a different style. Which one do you keep?
A: That depends a lot on the type of match. Here in some I find it easier to play next to Chris [Santos] because many balls arrive and we split the dispute, and in others it will be better for me to have a playmaker next to me. What I prefer isnít important. It matters what the coach decides.

Q: So far, the decision has been to keep you as a starter. Your arenít at your best. Do you fear the return to the Riazor? The discontent of the public?
A: I like Riazor. I see a beautiful field, from Primera. Then itís clear that, if they whistle or yell at us, it will harder to concentrate, but they are in their right. They see a team built to be up and that is not.

Q: How much does the noise from the stands influence you?
A: Thatís part of what I have learned in my passage through so many teams. I have already experienced worse situations. I don't hear anything, I don't read anything, it doesn't influence me. Neither when things go wrong nor when they go well. When I was younger, I was more aware of what people were saying, but I learned from the past that it doesn't help; Now I isolate myself from everything and go my way.

Q: Do you isolate from radio, television, press, social networks...? Is that possible today?
A: When things arenít going well, it doesnít help to be aware of the comments. And when they are doing well, it doesnít contribute anything positive to hear that you are a god. We are in a world conditioned by social networks and you have to know how to handle them. I have my accounts and I don't care about the comments; I look at what interests me, not what they say about me.

Q: Do you appreciate an evolution in that field throughout your career?
A: When I started there was already Twitter and everything else; For me football was born like that. Surely before there would be less distractions for the player, but things are like that now and you have to take it. I know how much I am worth, what I am giving and what I have to improve, later everyone has their opinion.

Q: You have a reputation for suffering, especially with defeats and bad days, this on an individual level.
A: Since been a child I am like that. If I lost, I was going home angry, I didnít speak to my parents for hours. Now I have improved, but itís true that, if things donít go well, I donít get the joy. I donít like to lose.

Q: Does it affect your mood? Is this situation taking its toll?
A: No. If we talk about moods, I am always very positive. One of the most positive. I take things seriously. I think I am a very good professional and I do things with discretion, always in what I am doing. I intend to improve and I am very enthusiastic about what I do. I love training, I enjoy it.

Q: You havenít scored this season yet. Does that generates more anxiety?
A: We are strikers. They judge us for that. Itís assumed. But in a collective sport we are the ones who finish the actions and in our bad dynamics, neither the rest of the strikers nor I have had many occasions. Beyond that, I work for the team and the team values it.

Q: Work that in Fuenlabrada made you play backwards the goal, something that isnít among your great virtues despite your physical condition.
A: It's the football we need now. Deportivo donít have to play for Longo, itís Longo who plays for Depor. The game gets uglier to watch, but I try to do my best. If we could have more game, more resources, maybe I would have more chances, but that cannot be an excuse, we are at a moment when itís time to play longer than usual and I have to fight for those balls.

Q: What else does Luis Cťsar insist on?
A: We are very involved in the defensive phase. We needed to work a lot and that's what we focused on. We are having an improvement in that aspect and once we finish with that, then we can take care of other things.

Q: But that means less goal. The pointed one is the striker.
A: This is a collective sport. If improving the defensive phase gives points, then it isnít necessary to think about whether the forward is affected. It's about improving defensively from the players up front, and we're doing it; then we will have to improve in the offensive phase and we will also do it.



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