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28 Nov 2019
Midfielder Vicente Gómez feels that something good happened when the coach switched the draw into a 4-3-3. Depor didn’t win, but the players felt better. It could be the way out for the Galicians.

Vicente Gómez addressed the media before Wednesday’s training; despite not winning against AD Alcorcón, he believes the team felt a refreshing feeling after the game, “Beyond playing well, I think we owned the game. Not many occasions were created, but there were two or three that were very clear. You leave the field with the feeling that you own the game, that you play what you want. I think that feeling has freed the changing room and made us click in the head. That we aren’t so bad. That level of activation, of wanting the ball and enjoying football. Things will change. It helps us free ourselves and believe in us, to believe in the partner right next to you.”

“We didn’t win, but I think it was important on the one hand, because we all left knowing that there’s hope, that there’s light. The team was fine and you stay with the fact that you were superior, but what matters is to win, we need the points.” The midfielder added.

The Canarian player was one of the novelties in the 4-3-3 formation; he was feeling fine playing with that draw, “I was fine, I already wanted to play a full game. It isn’t easy to be out, especially when the team isn’t well and you don’t have opportunities. But you had to work in silence waiting for the opportunity. I wasn’t surprised to find myself physically well, because I worked hard. I always ask the physical trainer for extra work to keep up with the pace of the competition.”

“I don't know if we will continue with this idea, because the matches are different. The normal thing would be to continue in this dynamic, we all saw that the team can still give more. We have spent a while without winning and ne need to do it. Many times we arrive with the idea of winning in any possible way and now we will win with our idea, as we did on Saturday. We go out reinforced with this. You now have arguments, not so much with your heart, but on a football and tactical level.” He added.

At the same time, Vicente is conscious of the criticism coming from the fans, “If people demand me it is because they know I can give more. I am the first to demand things from myself, I am critical of myself. I know very well the contexts of the moment in which we find ourselves and it’s normal for all of us to be pushed.”



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