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01 Dec 2019
Depor’s coach wants to repeat the good feelings of the last game, but this time scoring goals. The rival respects Deportivo and thinks the position at the standings isn’t a signal for this meeting.

Luis César Sampedro addressed the media on Saturday. He affirms that this is the best week that he has spent at Depor for the feelings the players are carrying from the game against AD Alcorcón, but now he wants to transform this into a victory. The following is a transcription of the main things he said.

Why twenty players on the roster? "It is a near trip, we leave tomorrow [on Sunday] and I will make a final cut until the time of the game."

His first Galician derby: “I face it with the need for our team to enter December with a victory. We need to fix the run this month. I am in the background. I’m in a situation in which we can only think of beating rivals.”

Nine points separate both teams: “Every week, if we don’t win, the concern increases in one or two degrees. We have to do a good job and seek victory. We hope it will happen what we think it will happen. There is a job to do and we must find the reward.”

Repeating the lineup? “You always valorize things. We did a complete job the other day. Only failed at the rival’s area and for details the opportunities didn’t become goals. We were a tough team. We didn’t let them take a corner. We will see what lineup we put in, but what needs to be done is to repeat the work in another scenario. We will try to improve what we didn’t do well and keep what we did well.”

Did you already decide the lineup? “Yes, but it’s logical that I won’t tell you, neither to show it in training. In addition, there are players who can be starters in the trainings, but I just seize the occasion to see their performances, this for many reasons.”

Longo is scoreless: “I always consider changes. I constantly wonder how to fit the pieces better. The other day we were messy in situations near the area and I wonder why. I want to always look for perfection, but you almost never reach it. We played a game to win and now what we do? I’m always exposed to improve. But I don't get carried away by the result alone.”

Anxiety: "The rivals know that we are in a difficult situation, but you don’t know if it makes us more dangerous than any other team. We are kicking-off a month and we want to fix the situation right now. We aren’t here to choose rivals. We don't care if it is Alcorcón, Girona or Lugo. We are far behind the points we wanted at this moment."

Pressure to win: “Of course I notice it. This job is to win every week and if not, it is worse. The most important thing is the victory of Deportivo. This is a collective sport. But I need to win, like all sportsmanship.”

Environment at the changing room: “The other day there were other faces when the game ended, we just lacked the icing of the goal. It’s the best week since we arrived. I perceive conversations of happier players. I think it's the best week since I'm here.”

What to transfer from last game: “We want to be an energetic team with a very good attitude and action. If we were able to corner Alcorcón the other day and only the errors at the area led us not to score a goal, it is best to keep the good work of the other day. But as long as we don't win, we have to always be less optimistic.”

What rival di you expect? "I have no idea. I know what they did outside home and what they usually do at home. It’s a good team with a lot of punch, they seize their chances. It has great people who have been there for a long time. It is a good team in this league.”

Eloy Jiménez addressed the media on Friday. He talked of what his team must do facing a derby and a rival in need. The following is a transcription of the main things he said.

Galician derby: “The game has many conditions. First, we are going to play against Deportivo, which is not just any team. We are talking about a historical team, which obviously is not in a good moment, has not started well, but has very good players; surely it will be a very complicated game.  We know what a derby represents for the fans. Deportivo have always been a great team, it motivates everyone. These are special matches; we have to show our best game.”

Is the game a trap? “Depor have potential. We have to face the game with the intensity it requires. It is a rival that’s very much in need. We have to make our field a fortress, and that means an intense match. They will surely face it that way. We have our weapons to be able to take the three points.”

Expectations for the game: "We have to try to be the dominating side, as I have always said, but sometimes it could not be. I think it will be a power to power match, in which the two teams will try to impose themselves and in the derbies there isn’t a favorite. Deportivo have the ability to play in different ways and I think they will not give away the ball possession, because they have players for it. It will be a very open game and the set-pieces can also be fundamental.”

What your team should do against Deportivo? "We have to face the game with our best effort, starting at minute one. Be aggressive, but also be together and defend together, because they can penalize you. We must be brave to go up and must also defend. We have to go out for the rival since the first minute, without speculating, with courage in that aspect, but being compact and solid because this rival can penalize you.”



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