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08 Dec 2019
Depor’s coach wants to see a team that continues to add clean sheets and that this time it could scores some goals. Zaragoza’s coach was warning of Depor’s potential.

Luis César Sampedro addressed the media after Saturday’s training. He continued with the argument that Depor are different now for not been conceding goals, and that the only thing they urgently need is to score some goals. The following is a transcription of the main things he said.

Searching for goals: “We have incorporated efficiency in our goal and now we need to add effectiveness on the rival’s goal. Let's go for that rounded match that I think we deserve. When you see these two games in which we didn’t win and neither scored, you see that not too much was left to score. We haven’t been effective in attack.”

Errors in attack: “There are plays where I ask them to shot and in others not so much. We have been facing a lack of coordination and had precipitation, everything comes together. We have to attack better and finish better. We surrounded the area of Lugo and Alcorcón. Then we show the plays to the players and we want that error to be part of the learning process. We are on that.”

Aketxe didn’t play as a false nine in the last game: “We don’t play with a false nine, there are three strikers who share offensive positions. Aketxe didn’t play as a fake nine in Lugo. Deportivo played with three attackers attached to three midfielders. He started there and also played in several places. We are changing the duel against the rival defenders. We need versatility and creativity to attack. But as we didn’t score…”

Will you repeat the lineup? “There may be some change. It will not be a very different team from the one at Lugo, but I don’t confirm that it will be the same starting eleven.”

Zaragoza: “It's a good team, like the others. It’s a good club, with good players, with a good dynamic and versatile. But we only care of our situation. To choose better and fill the area with players. At times we don’t fill the area with as many players as we should. It's like in basketball, you need to circle the hoop to catch the rebound. We need precise movements, because we fill the area, but in many areas without our players. We don’t need to be hurried.”

Winless with Luis César: “I didn’t imagine going eight games without winning. But there are players here who haven't won a match either. Dislikes and worries are travel companions of the coaches. The important thing is the attitude in order to face adversity. We must look for that victory with more insistence, because I think we deserve it.”

The morale at the team: “I have told them that this team is different. We were a team that was allowing twice per game and now it’s different. We must continue like this and add the other side of the story, but this team is different. We are passing the subject of invulnerability. We cannot boast of anything until we win and when we could win it will be the same, because we are in delicate positions. We aren’t a defensive rock, but I see another team. And as long as we don't win, nobody is willing to admit any kind of improvement. I insisted with them about that. They are also persons and if I detect an improvement, I have to tell them. It’s my obligation. And if something gets worse, the same. We have to navigate in complicated waters because Depor are going to last. We are in an ugly moment, but we are acclimatized.”

Riazor: “The crowd was fantastic in the last game. We want to give them more to receive even more. We give them little and they give us a lot.”

The rivals at the bottom have added points: “We have a lot of pressure, but we know how to handle ourselves. We are under pressure from day one. Depor’s points must be added by Depor. It was wonderful that everyone lost, but our points will come through not conceding too much and score goals. In the end you have to make your points. We observe what happens around and we have to think that on Sunday at 6 we will have 15 points. We have to take care of our present.”

Víctor Fernández addressed the media on Friday. He talked a lot about Depor and why Real Zaragoza cannot despite its rival. The following is a transcription of the main things he said.

The situation at Deportivo:  “I have been the coach of Depor and I feel pain and sadness for the situation they are going through. It’s a big team, with a very large social mass. It’s a club like Real Zaragoza, they don’t belong this league. I left many friends there and I have managed some of the players at the team, like Alex Bergantiños. Therefore, for me it’s a situation that I don’t want and it isn’t pleasant. But I am a zaragozista and above all, I am the coach of Real Zaragoza and nobody should doubt that what I want is to win, as against all rivals. Once I win the game, then I hope that Depor will be fine; they deserve to do much better.”

Depor is the bottom team at Segunda: “I don't usually look at the standings. Obviously, I have the information and I know that Deportivo is the last place, but it isn’t something I have in mind to prepare the game in one way or another. In this case we don't play against the last one, we play against Depor. When you play against Depor, it means that you are facing a team with aspirations and objectives that have no relation to the moment they are going through. “

“They are in an absolutely delicate and negative moment that doesn’t correspond to their potential, nobody expected it. If we never thought about the standings when we are preparing a game, in this case it’s lesser, because we face Depor and we must face the game in a state of permanent alertness, with our eyes wide open and focused on working. We have to make our match. We know they are very overwhelmed and pressured by the moment they are going through. There’s a lot of demand from the fans, because this is a big one that has to return to Primera, in that we agree on many things. The game is going to demand the best and we cannot grant anything. We have to play at our best level, be ambitious and go out for the victory.”

Deportivo have improved in defence: “Depor are a team built to climb and they are in a situation unknown to them. They look very low, with many doubts and a lost confidence. I’m aware that they have improved in recent days, they have been more solid defensively within the last two games and don’t allow as many goals as in the previous matchdays. That’s the first step to grow.”

What game do you expect to meet? “I expect a Depor that will seek victory and will do it with a lot of determination, because they have a group of fans that demands a lot and they aren’t where they dreamed at the beginning of the season. It’s an injured team, badly hit by bad results; with a change of coach in which they haven’t achieved that immediate reaction. But they have resources and human material to go out. That’s why I say that we aren’t playing against the last place, we play against Depor.”

Zaragoza cannot relax: “They have important players who are going to demand a lot from us. We cannot go with any kind of confidence and relaxation. We must be awake, involved in the game from the first minute, without fear and respecting the opponent, but with ambition and seeking victory.”

Can Depor be affected by the anxiety? “A team that, in that situation, if the game is not going well, there’s a blockage and anguish that doesn’t allow your best qualities to come out. Football is head and mood, it plays a lot.” 




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