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10 Dec 2019
The coach and the players admitted that Depor played a bad game and that things are more complicated than even before. Víctor Fernández also talked of Deportivo’s crisis.

Coach Luis César Sampedro was commenting the game, “The situation is delicate; we were hoping to make a different game and we are in a critical situation. We are always saying the same and it seems like the press conferences look the same, but it’s the reality. We must move forward. Today the start was good, but the team fell down for ten minutes when we allowed the first goal. At half-time the score was 0-2 and we thought it was impossible to achieve the comeback. We were inferior to Zaragoza and deserved to lose.” 

After nine games in charge and without wins, he understands the criticism over his job, “I was brought here in order to fix a situation and I am not doing it. I came here because Depor was bad, if not they wouldn’t have changed the coach. I was brought here and I am not fixing the delicate situation, but these aren’t questions for me but for the board. I understand the question and I am aware of the public opinion. As long as I don’t win the problem is getting bigger. I understand that people think that a change is needed if the victories don’t arrive.”

Anyhow, the Galician coach said that he sees himself with the strength to turn around the situation. “Off course I see myself with enough strength. I have been in these situations, you never get used to it, but I already lived it. I feel strong enough and am not a novice in this. I recognize the situation and you don’t like it, but we must move forward in any possible way. I have been nine weeks here and haven’t fixed the problem, but we must move forward. The key words are to move forward, always.”

Asked if the club is thinking in changes during the winter window, he just said that “The coach and the players are to blame. We are being tested week after week and we are not able to fix it. There is no more, I have to solve this problem with the players I have. I respect people that say that the problem ca be fixed with a new coach, and nothing more. "

Later he talked of the winless stream of Depor and the survival chances, “We are there by our own merits. A lot of things are in the mix. It isn’t a miracle to reach salvation, but you have to turn everything around. We have played for four months of competition and there are six left. There are players who have never seen themselves in this situation. There are players who have won only once and others have not even won, like me. We are all very damaged.”

Luis César was also criticized for keeping Beto da Silva on the bench, and he responded that, “In terms of quality he is the best at this team. But in football there are more things in order to be good in a tactical sense. That's why he has played little. This time he has played half the time, has made the assist in the goal and there he has been very good.”

Dani Giménez was very disappointed with the performance of Deportivo, "If we play as it has been played today, the situation won’t be saved, instead the distance will get bigger every week. And if it is bigger, then it will be harder to turn things around. The team has to change. It seemed that we had good pillars within the last weeks, but today we have screwed up again, we have sinned of being a team with a broken soul. And so it is very complicated. Today we were fine, but got a little coward after they hit the post."

“There are many people at the changing room, practically all of us, who believe in salvation, but also believe that it cannot be achieved playing like today. Things are like that. It is not a feat to reach the salvation. I didn’t come here to be in the situation I am, but I am aware of the situation. We cannot be down there.” The keeper added.

Borja Valle came from the bench and scored, but he was also disappointed with the team, "It’s even harder, because you add one more day, one more bad image, three goals allowed again and zero points, so you move further away from the goal we have now that is salvation."

At Real Zaragoza, Víctor Fernández called the attention with his press conference as he was remembering his time as a Depor’s coach and for his words describing the environment at the time as self-destructive, “I will be remembered more for that little phrase than for the work I did here, of which I feel satisfied. I thought they hated me and yet I have seen many signs of gratitude. They got to chase me and visited me at my home, my friends know it, and I stayed calm and firm.”

“With a fracture it is very complicated to move forward. The lack of human and technical resources is disguised, not avoided, if all go in the same direction. The fracture is the most negative formula for a club with the history and potential of Depor.” He added. 




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