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24 Jan 2008
The conflict between Aouate and Mun??a is finally closed. The spokesman of Deportivo, Rafael Carpacho, said on Thursday that both keepers will rejoin the squad during Friday's training. However, it isn't know if the goalkeepers fulfilled the petitions asked by the squad's captains and if they have resolved their differences.

Gustavo Mun??a and Dudu Aouate will return to training with Deportivo on Friday, that's two weeks after being suspended for been fighting. Both keepers have been training separately and they didn't train on Thursday. The spokesman of the club, Rafael Carpacho, said that both men will return to work with the rest of the group starting on Friday's session.

The conflict exploded after the Israeli player complained in a press conference about losing his place in the starting team, Mun??a reacted badly to this declarations and the Uruguayan punched Aouate leaving him requiring eight stitches around his eye. The Uruguayan aggressor was given a six month suspended jail sentence and a fine earlier this week.

Lotina talked with the squad's captains and they decided to separate both players until they would resolve their differences. It isn't know if Mun??a and Aouate fulfilled the petitions of the Basque coach and the rest of the team, and it's very unlikely that any of this two goalkeepers will have a chance to appear in the starting eleven for Sunday's game against Valladolid.

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