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07 Jan 2020
Happiness and hope after Deportivo clinched its first way win of the season. Depor’s coach was explaining the math for salvation and assured that the system with five defenders isn’t a fixed thing for coming matches.

Fernando Vázquez was explaining the philosophy that he is using at the moment of facing the current situation of Deportivo, “It is very important, because in our situation, we need our people and will love to see people helping us at the Riazor until the end. This is like playing a Grand Slam. Instead of winning 12 sets, we need to win 12 games and after today it’s only 11. So, it’s a matter of going game by game. We can lose 9 games, and it didn’t happen now, so let’s wait for the next one. And if we lose, then we can lose other 8. And the math is like this and we will continue like this.”

He was also asked about the importance of keeping the clean sheet, “We studied the characteristics of Numancia, and it was seen today. Football is a coin with two faces and you need to valorize your strong points and which face you want to show. You need to be calm and from there to improve in offence.”

The Galician coach also explained the tactic used after Numancia were reduced to ten men, “Sometimes a team in disadvantage can defeat you 4-0, and we decided to continue like this. Maye to put a high pressure for ten minutes, and if the team wasn’t winning the game after seventy minutes, then to change and make some risks. It wasn’t necessary and we continued in standard mode.”

Vázquez also explained that the fans should be used to see the team playing with five defenders, “No, it’s not like that. We will work it and will use it, but don’t know when. We will face every game in a different way. Maybe we will adapt as we aren’t good enough to impose ourselves and will be playing like that. But this is only one more system. The rival barely shot on target and the players felt comfortable as the output of the ball is easy having three men at the back.”

Michelle Somma scored the winning goal and was really happy wit it, "It's the second time I play here and the second time I score a goal. But the most important thing is to win for the whole team, because we needed the three points. I'm very happy."

"We are all suffering. We all want to get out of this and work every day: the eleven men that play, the ones that come in, the ones that are at home. We all work every day to get out of this. When we win, we all win, not just the ones that they play.” The centre-back added.

Víctor Mollejo didn’t care that the local fans were whistling to him for the play that cost the red card to Gus Ledes, "I like it. If you are beaten it is for something, because you have done your job well and you have annoyed their game. I don’t worry about being whistled, as long as it is good for my team."

The young winger is really happy for having Fernando Vázquez as his coach, "Fernando, since arriving here, has been clear that we were failing in basic things. We have trained basic things during the week in order to be a solid team. We still have a lot to improve. During the week I have told my teammates that this weekend we were going to win. There were good feelings. Therefore, I am happy to learn from Fernando. He is a football man and I, been 18, learn from him. I am privileged. "

At CD Numancia, Luis Carrión was feeling sorry for how the game evolved, “The game was being dominated by us, but it was more difficult due to the line of five defenders, in the second half, with eleven in the freezing area, we would have had more options, but it has been marked by an expulsion that should not have happened. It has been difficult for us to understand how the area was and what had to be done, the team has made a good effort, but we have searched a lot for a short pass. Gus will be quite annoyed, we will have to re-watch the action, but it should not happen, in the second half, we went to the area with more danger, the one who will be most regretted is him. " 




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