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18 Jan 2020
Depor’s coach was satisfied with his team and continued with the philosophy of counting the number of victories needed in order to achieve the goal, and the players are starting to follow his steps.

Fernando Vázquez has a clear idea of what is at stake for Depor, “It is a mathematical thing. We need to save ourselves, we needed eleven victories and now we need ten. As simple as that. We tried to achieve the result knowing that, the best we play, the better, but there are times when the best thing is to defend the goal rather than recover the ball and try to score a goal.”

He was also commenting the fact that both debutants scored a goal, “I said in the previous press conference that I had doubts about how the players will be in terms of pace, and I decided that Çolak should wait, and I risked with Gaku and Sabi [Sabin Merino].  They are fine, though they were a little tired. Çolak is a player from another level, he isn’t from this league and we are fortunate to enjoy with him.”

The Basque coach also talked of the tactical decisions made throughout the game, “At the start I was thinking in giving continuity to the formula that gave the victory at Numancia, and there were only two changes with Gaku at midfield and Koné on the left. The idea was to recover the ball and play with three attackers, searching for the cracks at their centre-backs. Later to defend with five men. That was the main idea. But things weren’t fine and we allowed a goal, so the other alternative was to play with Çolak, so we performed with two attackers and things were fine. Later, in the end, with the 2-1, they were killing ups with crosses and I decided to delay the position of Peru [Nolaskoain] and played with a 5-4-0. We reached the end and must also thank the big save of Dani [Giménez]”

He didn’t give importance to the fact that Javi Montero didn’t want to give him the hand when he was replaced at minute 30, “I think that he didn’t see me. It’s hard to understand it and it wasn’t a change for a punishment, it was a tactical move to recover the 0-1. I don’t know if he understood it as a punishment, but he is fine.”

The coach was also praising Mujaid, “Clearly, for me he is a centre-back, and I manifest this in the lineups. He is good in the aerial game, he is fast and it’s hard to dribble. Later, in offense, he has some interesting qualities. I like him, but he has to improve in some tactical issues. As soon as he polishes these issues, he will be a great centre-back.”

He was also explaining the doubts ahead of the game with Cádiz CF, “Yes, there’s concern with some players. With Merino as example. Also Gaku, who is coming from playing 120 minutes in a few days adding the minutes in Copa. But I guess there’s enough time to recover players. They will rest two days and I hope they will be fine. The exception is Merino, who is dragging issues.”

Finally, Vázquez explained again what Depor need ahead of the last part of the season, "I came here to win 11 games with Deportivo. I know I have 10 left, regardless of what the others do. If we win 10 it would be 51 points, and 51 points are enough. That's what I say to the players. It's easier to assume the competition knowing that we are almost equalized the situation: We have to win 10 more games, but we can fail 9 times. It is more assimilable for the players' heads. "

Eneko Bóveda was thanking the support from the fans, "How people have turned over. Everyone who feels Depor, who is happy for its triumphs, had the possibility of putting their is grain of sand. I want to thank that wave of home that we feel and, for our part, on behalf of the staff, encourage them to be with us, because although sometimes it is hard to believe, we know that we can.”

The right-back also repeated the idea of the coach about the need of winning ten more games, "We have to win 10 games. It can be the next 10 or the last 10, or it can be a streak of losing 1 and winning 1. It is possible that at times we are bad at the standings at any given time, until you see it halfway and yet done, there is no room to have a bad month."

Dani Giménez rescued the victory with his saves, he was valorizing the arrival of Fernando Vázquez, "Many times the mentality changes with the victories. Having a coach who is an idol of the fans, it seems that people get hooked more and little by little the players start to believe. There is a lot left to win, we have to improve, we need more pace, but it’s a very good start to have these consecutive victories. It makes people who have been having a hard time to feel better, and the fans believe that we can do it and we will get it. "

"The fans lived hard times. And we cannot be wrong, they will continue to support us. This doesn’t change overnight. We will have to suffer a lot, we will have to win matches like these last three, defending all together, being a very involved team. We are not going to win every game, but we are going to try, focusing on each week, on each opponent. It’s the only way to get this forward." The keeper added.

At Racing Santander, Cristóbal Parralo was feeling sorry as his team continued to make mistakes defending the set-pieces, "We came with the hope of being able to win. We have lacked to take care of the details a bit. We had warned that Depor were dangerous in set-pieces. And when we had the game under control with the score in favor, the equalizer has come in a corner kick. A team that wants to get out of there cannot afford to give these concessions." 




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