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21 Jan 2020
The speeches at Deportivo are already changing. Fernando Vázquez says that the team is in the right course and the players already recognize his influence.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was still excited during the press conference after the game, "Thanks to A Coruña. I’m excited. Thank you. Thanks to the Deportivistas. Depor is great, because the fans are great, very big. They see us everywhere and say: 'this is an impressive team'. This is the reality. The players don't do this, neither the results. The stands do it. It's like that on here, in Germany, in Argentina, and everywhere. It's something they have to know. "

The Galician coach said that his team won the game, because it didn’t allow the rival to have their own identity, "We won the three points, which were super important. And we prevented Cádiz from being Cádiz. Cádiz didn’t run, they couldn’t make counterattacks, which is their fundamental weapon. We spent the time on that. We took them at a certain moment. And it was enough.”

He was still saying that nothing is done yet, though Depor are on the right track, "We have to make a second round of playoff, and that's what we are doing. We are currently fulfilling the expectations. We have to fit a certain number of goals. We have allowed one in three games. In favor we have four. Everything is going smoothly."

Finally, Vázquez was praising the game by Gaku Shibasaki, "He’s physically impressive, with incredible dynamics. He’s a kid who can adapt to any midfield position. He can play anywhere. A midfielder to bring an output to the ball, perfect. On the right perfect. On the left perfect. At the middle... perfect. He’s a kid that adapts to any place and for a coach is a super wanted piece. When a person has talent, he has it. He will not lose it. We will have to recover him. I don't know if he is already recovering it or not. "

Ager Aketxe was explaining what he thinks is happening at Depor, “Before we all had a mental block and it seemed impossible to chain a good run of results. Now it seems that whoever faces us, it doesn’t matter as it means a victory."

The Basque attacker was praising the arrival of Fernando Vázquez, "He has given us a plus, he has changed our mentality. The reinforcements have been of a high level, they are helping us a lot. And we want to continue along this line. When we win it seems that we all are better players. At first, we had a streak in which we all seemed a little worse. Now when we win, it seems that we all came out reinforced."

Sabin Merino is the golden boy at Depor after scoring twice in his two appearances with the team, he commented that, "I know several teammates who once were quite low mentally. Since I arrived, the team looks like something else. There’s a very good squad, high quality players. In the end that’s shown a lot on the field."

“In the two games I have been here, the fans have been with us to death and have given us that bonus that the players also need. The fact of been scoring is important to me, and also for Depor as it meant to add six points.” The striker added.

At Cádiz CF, Álvaro Cervera recognized that his team didn’t play well, and also said that it won the side that had the best chance to score, "Seen from outside it is boring, with few scoring chances. The only one they had it ended in goal. We don’t remember one intervention by their goalkeeper. Yes, some arrivals, but without much danger. The game has been equal, just like that. The only side that had a chance to score seized it and it won the game."  




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