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28 Jan 2020
Depor’s coach wants to remain focused in the salvation, while Dani Giménez and Sabin Merino said that the team is growing despite not playing a good game.

Coach Fernando Vázquez admitted that his team suffered in order to conquer this victory, "No one said it was going to be easy. We were coming to defeat Albacete and we won. Now we can analyze how we won. We are happy for the victory and we are going to celebrate it. In the second part we were wrong a bit. We went too far back, but we must recognize that it isn’t easy to stop the game of Albacete. We got a little afraid to allow the equalizer and even suffer a comeback."

But the Galician coach denied that the victory was pure luck, " Albacete missed a penalty but we failed two or three very good occasions. What happens is that the ball was for Albacete in the second half. They squeezed us and put us in our own area."

After five straight victories, the fans are starting to dream with the option of reaching the playoff zone, but Vázquez remains focused in his speech towards the salvation, "We know what we have to do, which is to win eight games. We can fail nine. If we win nine of seventeen, then the team will remain in Segunda Division. That’s our goal."

Finally, the coach was explaining how he saw the debut of Uche Agbo and Beauvue, “It’s difficult to know the state of form just by watching a training session. This match allowed us to see in a more exact way what the situation is. And it also showed us that Claudio's [Beauvue] fitness is pretty good. "

The big hero of the game was Dani Giménez, he commented that, "I’m happy. Especially for the victory. It seems that little by little the bad first round is turning around, even the first leg in Riazor in which we deserved to win. It seems that little by little that suffering is turning around. We continue to suffer, but when you suffer and you take the three points, then the taste is completely different."

The goalkeeper was explaining the play of the penalty, “You try to read the trajectory. I tried to hold on a little and I saw it. Other times they cheat you or hit you up and you don't arrive in time. When you win, after coming in the situation we were in, three points that help in order to get out of there, so people continue to grow, it has a little more value."

Sabin Merino was also on the headlines thanks to his goal; he admitted that Depor didn’t play a good game, "Today the game hasn’t been good. After the goal we got too far behind, something that doesn't help us much. We suffered and we got the three points and that was what mattered."

"We want to play better, more fluently, but today I think that the fundamental thing is what we are doing, to defend well, not allow goals, been solid, together on the pitch and from there the results arrive and little by little we will improve in the face of the game.” The striker added.

Richard Barral, the sporting advisor of the club, also addressed the media and announced changes for the last week in the winter window, “There will be news of arrivals and exits, but I don't know when. Several players have arrived and we are saving the moment in which we are gaining pace by winning the games. When they know each other better, and have more pace, then the team will grow more.”

“We aren’t closed to any kind of arrival. It only matters if he will add something to Deportivo. We could have reached agreement with some players, but what happens next is that their teams must allow their exits.” He added.

At Albacete Balompié, coach Luis Miguel Ramis said that he isn’t worry for his job, “The lack of goal is the thing condemning us and the one that doesn’t allow us to have peace of mind. Now it's time to win and to break the streak hitting the team. We will continue to insist. We are positive because we have no reason to not be positive. This team always compete, today it has tried by all means and today is a picture that we have already seen, because the opponent, with very little, always hurts us a lot. I'm not worried about my job, I'm just worried about getting up to the changing room and letting them see that we do things very well to keep insisting and to score goals. That's what worries me, not my job. That is not my decision.” 




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