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31 Jan 2020
Deportivo are expecting to close one more arrival, and it could be Celso Borges. More operations were expected, but the exits are jammed.

Last day in the winter window [it closes at midnight] and Depor have been very busy making five signings and allowing two exits, but more was expected after the arrival of president Fernando Vidal, who was expecting to make a big revolution in order to clinch the salvation.

But the fact that the exits aren’t occurring, and ultimately the reaction of the team in liga, clinching five straight victories, may reduce the extension of this revolution. Until deadline day the club has signed winger Hugo Vallejo, playmaker Emre Çolak, midfielder Uche Agbo, plus attackers Sabin Merino and Claudio Beauvue. The two players that left the club are winger Saša Jovanović and striker Beto da Silva.

The first team is composed by 25 players, but Hugo Vallejo is inscribed as a Fabril’s member, so there’s a slot available and the only expected operation for deadline day is the arrival of Celso Borges. Vidal announced when he was elected president that he had an agreement with the Central American midfielder, but the pending issue is with his club, Göztepe SK.

Those issues could be fixed before midnight and the signing could be announced today. Vidal also announced an agreement with centre-back Pablo Insua, but his club, SD Huesca, announced that it won’t allow his exit and the player already said in public that he will stay at his current club.   

Any other singing will be a surprise and it will be require an exit. The players mentioned as possible exits in past days are Christian Santos, Samuele Longo, Vassilios Lampropoulos and Javi Montero.  But these men have been training with the team and it seems that they will stay for the final part of the season.

On Thursday, coach Fernando Vázquez told to Radio Cadena Ser that he isn't expecting for more signings despite he knows that the club is working on it, "I don't expect for anyone else. Yes, we can improve, but don't expect for anything else though I know they are working." 




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