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01 Feb 2020
Depor’s coach wants to keep focused in achieving the permanence. Meanwhile, Pepe Mel recognizes the problems with the injuries, but is hopeful about the chances of his men.

Fernando Vázquez addressed the media on Friday’s noon.  He continues with the speech that the permanence is the only goal, and also hinted in keeping the system with five defenders. The following is a translation of the main things he said.

Happy after five straight wins: “The situation is different, and it isn’t only that you are out of demotion, but also that you are with a group of teams and the salvation chances have increased within the last month.”

Can Depor aspire to promotion? “I only hear that we need to win eight more games. It is what I told the players and we can chain that rally. We must win on Sunday and it’s a new final. The team is prepared to do it. We are only dreaming of next game and cannot look beyond that.”

Again playing with five defenders? “In football, since I started to train,  I never married with any system. I have played with three, four and five defenders, all kinds of systems. It depends on what you plan and how your team is, it depends on your weaknesses and your stronger points. When we are going to change? When I consider that we can beat the rivals using our potential, for the moment we are in another phase.”

Changes at the lineup? “If you watch the trainings you will realize that we are working other situations, because I consider that we have players that must be starters, and we need to find a system in which we can use them without losing defensive strength.”

Is Koke Vegas leaving? “I don’t have any idea. He is on the roster. This is deadline day and this is normal. I hope Koke will be our goalkeeper tomorrow.”

Can Mollejo keep playing as a fullback? “It is a possibility. It’s more certain than when I did it the first time. What happens is that he needs to understand better the function on that position. I wouldn’t have any problem to put him on there again.”

Environment for the game: “I always expect for a full and colorful Riazor. We can only demonstrate that we are an important club through the attendance.”

The moment of Las Palmas: “It is a team with an important tactical quality. It has an offensive football and it carries a big responsibility as it’s also a candidate to promotion. They have important casualties, but I don’t know how long it will affect them.”

Hugo Vallejo “The lad is fine and I haven’t watched him playing, but he is powerful and you notice it during the trainings. He is very strong and you can realize that he is fit to play.”

Pepe Mel addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He is aware of the big problems at his team due to the injuries, but remains optimistic about the chances of his team for this game and the rest of the season. The following is a translation of the main things he said.

The state of the squad: “The squad has several casualties and barely can hold on. We travel with what we have. We travel with thirteen professionals. Josemi, Pablo and Jesús come from the B squad. We go with all the hope of the world to compete and keep ourselves in privileged positions. But there are no more people.”

Who will join Galarreta at midfield? “As each game, I will have to think and find the best way to harm the opponent and have some security. I have all day today and tomorrow, but it’s an adventure every week. It has been like this and we will try to place the best pieces we can.”

Deportivo are unstoppable with Fernando Vázquez: “With Fernando they have achieved four consecutive victories. The dynamics are very important in football and it was demonstrated in Albacete, place where they shouldn’t have won and in the end they finished 0-1. Now everything is positive, they have signed well and have been reinforced the team with high level players for Segunda. The coach is from the house and is loved. Given that, we will have the best we have and adapt to it.”

The battle at midfield: “Surely, because they employ a 5-4-1 and two outside attackers as Aketxe and Emre Çolak, who move to the centre and leave room for the fullbacks. The players have seen it and have knowledge of it.”

Narváez was picked for the game: “First, I want everyone to know the predisposition of the player. He has an amazing pain threshold. Without being operated, he told me that it was nothing. After going through the operating room, he soon told me that he wanted to be with the group despite the situation. He has trained all week and deserves to be on the roster, but first we have to think about his safety. If he’s on the list it is because I want him to be the protagonist.”

Losing would be normal? “I don't want to take the game like that. We would give an impression that doesn’t correspond to us, because we are a winning club. You are synonymous of good game and doing things right. I can't let someone think that nothing happens if we lose. I want to be up. Everyone understands the difficulties we have. What counts at the end is where we are at the end of the season. We have to work as professionals. People show us that they are supporting the team and we owe them many joys. Those who go to La Coruńa can have no other thought but to win. Winning a game in Segunda has a tremendous merit, because it’s very difficult. For me it’s a joy to be surrounded by young people. Now we need to translate this into points.”

Your memory from Depor: “I had an adventure in Deportivo at Primera División, where I was never in demotion We didn’t do so badly. In all the teams where I have been I feel gratitude and affection. I was there in a difficult stage and I wish them the best of luck. Hopefully Deportivo will never be at Segunda. But tomorrow I want to make it difficult for them.” 




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