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03 Feb 2020
Fernando Vzquez keeps applying the simple formula of repeating whats working. Mollejo, Nolaskoain and Gaku had a great game, while Sabin Merino keeps scoring goals.

1- Tactical battle: Pepe Mel said before the game that he had studied very carefully the system of Deportivo, and what he presented at the Riazor was the same 5-4-1 with Srnić and De La Bella performing as full-backs. But the figure didnt even last 25 minutes as he switched it for a 4-2-3-1 after Depors first goal. Fernando Vzquez didnt care that that his rival was copying the draw and kept it until the end, though he had to make two changes for injury reasons. In his case he as applying the old formula: team that wins a game, lineup that needs to be repeated. Its simple and its working.

2- A very different team: This game is a clear example of how things have changed at Deportivo. Throughout the season the team was falling down after receiving a punch, now it was the opposite. In the past the team was showing some glimpses, but as soon as it conceded the first goal it was all over. Now Depor had the 2-0 up to two opportunities at the middle of the second half, and from there the game passed to a 1-1 situation. In the past it could have meant the end. But now the hit that only motivated the team as the players started to push a tired rival, and the reward was to find the second goal.

3- Peru Nolaskoain and Gaku Shibasaki: One of the reasons for the current run is the couple at midfield, they finally have defined roles and they shine on them. Nolaskoain is the destroyer and the output of the ball. In this game he made 9 recoveries and was the second player with more passes (41, Aketxe made 44). Meanwhile, Gaku can now focus in passing the ball and finding cracks at the defense, the pity was the big chance to score that he wasted (64).

4- Defensive solidity: The own goal is a stain that almost tainted the good defensive job of Deportivo. They suffered in this game, but it must be recognized that the centre-backs have grown using the system with three men a the centre. Mujaid was solid in the first half and was opportune to cut several actions, while Montero committed some errors, but is no longer the nervous defender sending long throws to nowhere.

5- Great game by Mollejo: Incredible game by Victor Mollejo, and that taking in mind it was only his second match performing as a fullback. He was attacked by the arrivals of Slavoljub Srnić, but had time to provoke the free-kick that meant the first goal, het assisted in the second and even stole a key ball that should have ended at the back of the net, but that was wasted by Gaku (64).

6- Sabin Merino and his endless streak: Its incredible how the fate of a player can change by only changing the shirt. Merino arrived to Depor after more than three years without scoring, and now he has netted a goal in his four appearances. The only precedent at the club is Manuel Guimerans, who scored nine goals in his first five games with the team in 1939.

7- Six straight victories: Deportivo have won six games in a row after spending nineteen without winning. Its an incredible situation never seen before at Segunda. The last time Depor chained so many wins was during the Segunda campaign 2011/12, at the time Oltras Deportivo chained nine wins between matchdays 17 &25.



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