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03 Feb 2020
The coach and the players continue with the mentality that the only thing in their minds is to achieve the permanence. Meanwhile, Mel was complaining of the foul in the first goal.

Coach Fernando Vázquez said that the key to the victory was to have patience, “The team was searching for victories and we are achieving them. Today it wasn’t easy, but the team had patience, the fans had patience. The players perfectly understand what they want from the team. For me it was a spectacle to come today to play in this marvelous stadium, full of people. And that at the end of the game, people don’t leave, they keep waiting for the team to say hello, for me it was an incredible feeling. "

And, despite the sixth straight victory, he remains saying that the only goal is the permanence, "We need to win seven more games and are able to fail in other twelve. Things changed. Now our only goal is Alcorcón. Another final. We have no more ambition than this: to win enough games to be out of danger."

The Galician coach also valorized the closure of the winter window, "The team is a little more balanced. We now have natural wingers, with Keko Gontán and Hugo Vallejo; also four strikers; and I'm fine with the centre-backs, and we let Lampropoulos to leave, because I considered that there was no problem; and we're missing men on the sides a bit, with Save Ruiz and David Simón injured. I think the team is better built and more balanced in all positions, which allows the coach to play inside, outside... And I have enough men in all positions."

Víctor Mollejo was among the best players in the game, he was happy with the victory, "I’m thankful to the fans. What I am living here in A Coruña is an incredible learning. Living nights like today is what I came for. I’m very happy. I’m a new boy in professional football. Last year I was in Segunda Division B. Playing in a field with 27,000 people motivates you, it affects you. Thanks to the fans. "

The winger was also commenting on the resurrection of the team, "The team was almost dead and it has revived and in what way. Hopefully we can continue playing well. Yes, it’s true that in the second part we have suffered. But in order to win we must suffer. If we know how to suffer, we will take many points."

Eneko Bóveda was saying that the first thing is to secure the permanence, "We must go week by week, looking more at the points than to be continuously looking at the mobile application: 'we are two points above demotion. That means a stress that isn’t going anywhere."

"We are very clear that a certain number of points gives the salvation. After what we have suffered at one time it seemed very difficult. And above all I am enjoying football. I am looking forward to playing at Alcorcón. I am looking forward to winning. And we are improving week by week and thar’s important, more than anything else. You can talk about bigger goals... There’s always hope. But above all you have more desire for the next game to come than when you don't find yourself or things don't come out. " The right-back added.

At UD Las Palmas, Pepe Mel was a little salty, first he complained about the injured players, “We have a serious problem and it’s that all the people who play on the side are injured. They are all out. We do things fairly well in the inside, but the ball has to end out to open the opponent. That’s what is failing us. In the end it is not enough for Srnic or De la Bella to go up three times. We need to recover the injured men, in football it is necessary to face the rival and one-on-one actions and we don’t have that.”

Then he complained as he thinks that the first goal came in a foul that it wasn’t, “The dynamics are quite noticeable. We have the example of Deportivo. A month and a half ago Deportivo wouldn’t have won in Albacete, not in this life, for example. Today they get ahead with a foul that doesn’t exists, and we had to go against the tide. Before the game we were told that there was no VAR screen. I don’t get it. VAR costs a lot of money that could be used for something else. So much money to be told now that the VAR TV has been broken. It is no excuse, but it wasn’t foul. What counts is that Deportivo have three points and we’ve zero.” 




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