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05 Feb 2020
The sporting advisor of the club analyzed the winter window of Deportivo and the goal of the first team for the rest of the season.

Richard Barral addressed the media before Tuesday’s training session. He analyzed all the exits and arrivals and also said that the team should remain focused in the permanence. The following is a translation of the main things he said.

Balance of the winter window: “In what the January market is, which doesn’t offer many alternatives, because they have to be players who come from an injury or that aren’t counting or by paying clauses, something we cannot do, I think we have been able to balance the team in what was missing and I'm quite happy. The signings are having an important impact at the sporting level and are reflected in the results.”

Salary cap: “We have covered less than half (of the two million increased for the period). This amount of money has allowed us to work fast, because if you don't have it then you have to wait for departures. Then with the departures we had recovered much of that money. If we divide among the seven players, the money spent is very little. I think that it wasn’t even half of that money.”

Keko Gontán; “The role that Keko was suffering [at Málaga] was caused for extra-sporting reasons. It was a great last-minute signing. We were missing specialists for the wings. He is willing to play. On a physical level he is perfectly, without injuries and has trained. He really wants to play and show again the level he had and that has pulled him to that level, Malaga had paid a very important transfer. He is a young, healthy player, eager and a specialist, there are not many like him and neither they’re easy to find.”

Aleksandar Jovanović: “It was a pure exchange with Levante. They have recovered their goalkeeper and gave us another goalkeeper at the same cost. It has not meant any increase in Deportivo's salary mass. We didn't even see if the chance of rescission was in the contract. It seems that there was a kind of commitment, so when there’s commitment it must be fulfilled. What we couldn't access was to end without a second goalkeeper. Levante resolved the problem quickly with another goalkeeper and we accepted.”

Hugo Vallejo:“We have a very good relationship with Madrid. They were trying to buy Hugo and there were many Segunda clubs that wanted him. Madrid and his agent talked to us, we were interested and the boy had no doubts to choose us. He is a young player, gives us alternatives at both wings and even as a second striker. It was a hole that we had and it suits us. And then a boy who adapts, although there is no commitment, we value that he can be a player of us for a longer time.”

Christian Santos: “There was an offer for Christian, the club valorized it, the player valorized it and he stays here. He is one more player and if the coach considers that he has to play, he will play. But his departure was considered.”

Longo: “Logically in some exits we had to put part of their salary, but in others, for example, I don’t want to customize, just as some had to run with part of their salary, in others we got more money than the salary. In the end you have to analyze the money invested and recovered.”

Celso Borges & Insua: “The situation with Insua was a totally sporting theme. Huesca didn’t get another centre-back. Celso's was an issue in which we had an agreement with the club and the player. But something paradoxical happened, the coach. The player was usual with the previous coach, then the new one came and didn’t count with him, now he counts and it was the coach who stopped the move. We were until the last moment, but it couldn’t be. But well, other players have come that we also saw far away and have ended up coming, as the case with Keko. We are happy with what has been done.”

Will you go for them during the summer? “The first thing is to ensure the permanence, from there we need to start working from minute one. The future of Depor is to create an important project. They can be part of it, buy there can be others. They are loved players in Coruña, but football goes around so many times that you can't give names.”

Çolak: “We can't demand more. He will be here until the end of the season, it’s a different theme from Babel, which at the time came very well for a few months. I would very much like to have Çolak for next season but it isn’t easy. We value the attitude, commitment and we need to take advantage of it. And then we will fight for him, offer him a beautiful and exciting project to fight for the promotion. He came here when we didn’t even know how much money we were going to have, and we thank him for that.”

Lampropoulos: “The departure was agreed between the sporting management and the coach. We valued when the offer was presented, we valued it between the two parties. There are versatile players such as Peru or Alex, who can play there. We understood that the position was well covered. It’s true that we are playing with three centre-backs right now, but the other day we started playing with four at the back... we consider that the position is well covered, and we allowed the operation; and then, under the premise that if someone doesn’t come to improve us, the better is not to bring them. At the moment the operation for Insua failed, what the market offered didn’t fill us. We believe that we have acted in a consensual way”.

Borja Valle: “Since Fernando Vázquez arrived he had a low back pain problem, he was not available. From now on he is already training well, he will be available and it’s him who has to choose.”

Beto da Silva: "It was important to release an extra-community spot."

Contracts for next season: “If we clinch the permanence, those who have arrived would stay: Sabin [Merino], Keko, Uche, Beauvue, those are the ones that have a contract if we stay in the league. Çolak, Hugo [Vallejo] and Jovanović, no.”

Is the new goal the promotion? “It would be a mistake, we come after six victories and at some point we will lose and I am looking forward to seeing everyone's reaction with a defeat, keeping a cool head, the only objective is the permanence. If we get it in time, then to think about something else, but it’s crazy to do it before time. We are going to have negative streaks and we have to stay together and overcome them.”

Is the team closed? “When there are free spots it is never closed. At the beginning yes, but we’re expectant of everything and attentive to all movements.”

Dani Giménez: “He has some discomfort in the adductor muscles. The doctors are assessing, in the beginning he can continue playing without problem. Hopefully it stays in that, that he doesn't go over, we have signed another goalkeeper and then we have the ones at Fabril and Juvenile, in which we have high hopes. Right now, we don’t believe that it is a situation that’s going to grow. If not, we will make the decisions that need to be taken.”

Fabril: “Personally I haven’t touched it, because in a dizzying month it would be reckless on my part, because I don’t know in depth the team and getting into it would be irresponsible. The issue of the academy rather than results it needs to be focused in raising players to the first team. It's what worries us. The situation at the standings is what worries me the least.”

The academy: “I still have to sit with the president and the board to see my role. I will give my opinion when the president talks to me. They have it clear. You will value the positive things that have been. From there they will have to think about what they are going to do. The ultimate goal is to try to get a player to the first team, you can be champion of many things, Cadetes, Juvenile, but if in the end you don’t feed the first team, then the goal is not met.”



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