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28 Jan 2008
Lotina and his players were happy with the result and specially with the support of the fans, there was a reunion of fans at the hotel in which the squad was concentrated and the players admitted they started to win the game since that moment. President Lendoiro also talked about signings, while Valladolid's coach, Mendilibar, admitted that he wasn't surprised with the performance of Depor.

After the game ended, the happiest person at the Riazor was coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina, he didn't have words to thanks the support of the fans at the hotel and also the ones that attended to the stadium "We are in the right way, and that's thanks to the union between the fans and the squad. The fans have been fundamental and we started to win the game with the support of the public at the hotel. It was exciting. Later, the team ended exhausted, because we are living the situation with a huge stress, and you can notice that."

The Basque trainer also warned that Depor hasn't done anything yet since the club remains at the bottom of the table "We haven't done anything yet. We won, but we still occupying the last places, although it seems that we have started to work. There are a lot of good things, like the comeback of Lopo and Valer??n, or the new system, a fact that has gave us more consistency in defence, although we were locked up at the back during some moments. There still a long way to go."

Lotina was very happy for the return of Valer??n, and appoints that important things can be achieved with the Canarian playmaker in the squad "I don't want to despise Irureta, but with Valer??n and ten more players, I would do something else too. We have to pay the ticket just to see him. There are only a few players like him. He's tremendous."

Precisely, Juan Carlos Valer??n talked after the game ended, the Canarian was happy for his comeback, but specially for the victory. He also expressed his gratitude to the fans "We were needing this victory like everybody else needs to eat. Everything occurred in the best possible way. I am happy for my return, but the important thing was to win. Against Valladolid, the fans were a strong help, starting with their presence in the hotel, we want to dedicate this win to them."

Albert Lopo was relieved since Depor was finally able to obtain a win at home after four months "This win was fundamental for our morale, because it seemed we have forgotten the taste of the victory. In fact, it seemed that we wouldn't win again. The fans have been great. We couldn't lose and we all knew that. Now there's a long way to go and we have only made one little step. It will be complicated and we must continue adding in order to leave behind the last places." The Catalan also confessed that he dedicated his goal to doctor Carlos Lari?±o, the one that treated him during his recuperation process.

Another of the scorers in the game was Andr?©s Guardado, he was thinking of the next match against Betis "Now we can't lose the way, Betis is a direct rival and we can't be relaxed." The Mexican also analysed the implementation of the new system "The key was the solidity in defence. The cause for this victory wasn't the change of system, it was because we were more forceful in defence and in attack."

Captain Manuel Pablo was also satisfied with the victory at home "Finally, we broke the curse. We had to suffer a lot at the end of the game because we were broken. We were able to hold on the situation thanks to the difference put in the score, and we were able to take a triumph that's very well deserved. It was a very complete match, one with a lot of work, one in which we were fine in all the lines."  He also thanked the support from the fans "They were incredible with the squad."

President Augusto C?©sar Lendoiro was also very enthusiastic with the victory "Today, we have sawn a very complete team that has been pushed by an extraordinary public, Deportivo possess quality, it posses game and goal. The Deportivismo is united." Asked about signings, Depor's president assured the club won't sign a new striker and left the doors open to Wilhelmsson "We won't sign just for the fact of making a signing. We tried to bring a top scorer to the squad, but their clubs didn't allow it, because the market in near to close or because the leagues in South America are  near to start. About Wilhelmsson, we are negotiating with Bolton right now."

In Valladolid, coach Jos?© Luis Mendilibar was affirming that his team was defeated with its own weapons "Depor defeated us and I won't describe the result as an accident. We can't be negative. Depor has used the same weapons that we habitually use and it has surpassed us in that sense. We have came back when the squad was left with ten men, when it seemed they can score six goals, we were able to score one."

The Basque trainer also said that he wasn't surprised by the performance made by Deportivo "I wasn't surprised, because I knew they will throw out everything they had and make their best effort since the club was in a difficult situation. Although we still have several games in la liga, some phases are already burned. They were fast, effective and have played with intelligence, defending well and without taking too much risks."

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