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13 Mar 2020
Advisor Richard Barral addressed the media and talked about the arrival of Abdoulaye Ba. He also talked of other subjects and emphasized that the team has passed to be virtually relegated to have real chances for the permanence.

Richard Barral addressed the media after Abdoulaye Ba was presented. He talked of the arrival of the centre-back and the upcoming future. The following is a translation of the main things he said.

The arrival of Ba: “It was close to not happen, because it seems that Rayo had important offers for a transfer during January’s market, the club didn’t accept them and the lad even made the trip without the sign, and by 9AM it was already blocked, and until 11AM that he jumped into the training field it was possible to seal it.”

What will Ba add to the team? “In terms of number of players,  it wasn’t necessary because we have Peru as he can play as centre-back and midfielder, and we also have Bergantiños and Bóveda. Abdoulaye is a fast player despite his height and has a good level. He was on the run to be a top player if you follow his career until Porto, truly he had ups and downs, and now we hope to have his best version.”

Reason for the signing: “When you are coming from a situation of an injury then important thing is to sign someone from la liga itself, because a free agent comes out of shape, and by the time he is fit then la liga is over. The market is small. We practically called all the team that had four centre-backs, and we closed the gap on three of them. From those three Abdoulaye is the one that arrived.”

Does the last results hurried the signing? “No, we knew we wouldn’t we winning fifteen of sixteen straight games. We have added 23 points and it’s a good mark. We must stay calm. The important thing is to realize that we were practically demoted and now we are one more team in the fight.”

Can Ba play against Rayo Vallecano? “There’s a fear clause and it’s so high that it for pure fear, it was said that four million euros, but I think it’s less. I asked why now fifty, so we can put it in the Guinness Record [he joked] We won’t pay any clause.”

The future of Somma: “We talked since the first day, I believe the president and the board have their word and the player was told that he will be renewed when his contract ends, we won’t throw him away. He should be coming in coming days, but with the crisis I don’t know if he will be making the trip.”

What will happen with La Liga? “I don’t know. I don’t know how the coronavirus will evolve and that will dictate the road to follow.”

Is the pause good for Deportivo? “The thing that benefits us is to play with public, behind closed doors is negative. We have a plus with a large number of fans, something that other teams don’t have.”

The winter singings: “The contribution of Çolak and Sabin has been important since minute one, starting with goals. The rest gave their best went they went out. The good thing is that the coach has several options depending on how he wants to play.”

Renewal for Mujaid: “He still have two years and with an important clause, and clearly the club wants to extend the deal. We had conversations, but didn’t pass from that.”

Role at the club: “Right now I am helping. The important thing is the next [shareholders] meeting that will decide the future of the club.”

Several players end their contracts in June: “First the team needs to secure the permanence at Segunda División, because in other case the planning is different. And if we stay there, then things are clear: we will depend on the money available and it will mark us, with an important salary cap the goal is the playoff and to be in the fight for the promotion.”

Fabril: “Things are clear in a sporting sense, so the future depends on the persons and the results.” 




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