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06 Jun 2020
Dani Giménez believes that all the teams must have the rules clear before the restart of la liga. He wants to know what will happen if the league is suspended again.

Goalkeeper Dani Giménez gave a virtual press conference. The Basque player wants to know what will happen if the tournament is suspended again. He also talked of the preparation of the team ahead of the game against Sporting. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The league should define what would happen in case of a new suspension: “I hope that, before the first match, we will be clear about what would happen if the competition had to be cut again because you cannot start a competition without being clear on the rules. I think it’s important that clubs and players are clear about what to expect. Who would go down if all the games aren’t played? What matchday would be taken as a reference? That must be very clear because it’s very important.”

“I suppose they will be waiting until the last moment, but the league must start knowing the rules. If not, the teams should stand. No one is talking too much about that topic, because I understand that whoever runs the league is smart in that regard. I think they have this ready. I don't know if with all the teams, but with the majority they should have spoken and will have a draft that will be perfect this week. You can play against Oviedo and have doubts about whether to force players or not. I understand that nothing is said today, but before games it should be known.”

Playing behind closed doors: “Away from home, I like that tug-of-war with the rival’s public, that little extra tension that they make you have. Then, at the Riazor, having the support of the fans behind the goal is a plus. When it goes well, it pushes you to do better and, if you do it wrong, to do it well. It’s a mental issue.”

What factors will be decisive in this last stretch of the season: “All the factors count, because you don’t feel used to play so often, besides there’s a lot of tension. It’s similar to what happen to teams playing in Europe, but the reality is that the teams playing in European competitions don’t play rivals of the same level each week, and they play differently when they play against inferior rivals. And in our case, we play rivals of our same height each week, and playing for something important as to avoid demotion. The head is very important when you play for your live for one full month. It will be hard to end fresh.”

Playing with a system of five or four defenders: “Beyond the system, it’s the concentration and intensity. We can defend with 5-4-1, the coach wanted to be strong in defence and keep the lanes closed, and if we improve, then we can play with full backs and using people on the side, even playing with four defenders. There are variants.”

The physical problems had throughout the season: “The break came in a good moment for me. I still notice a bit about everything, because I'm working hard. I am slimmer than last year, agile. We are training with five goalkeepers and I get a little pushed with the youth keepers coming from the academy. I am very competitive. This has given me a second chance to regain the best level.”

Will we see a different Deportivo? “You work variants during the week, I think the team can improve a lot. During the winning streak we were defending better, and we were still trying to improve. We need to work in order to have variants.”

What to do with the season subscribers: "If you can play with the public it will welcomed, hopefully the public who, for whatever reason, cannot come will be benefited for the following season and I think that here in Coruña there will be no problem."



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