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11 Jun 2020
Luis Ruiz is convinced that Depor’s squad is large enough to use different systems and face the last stretch of the season.

Left-back Luis Ruiz gave a virtual press conference. The Andalusian player says that the team is motivated for Sunday and that the squad is large enough to face the last stretch of the season. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Game Vs. Sporting: "We are looking forward and are very excited. It will be the first game after all this, and we are looking forward to it now. It will be important, like the rest, but truly the first game brings a little more desire."

The system for the game Vs. Sporting: "We are always training variants, then the coach decides and we are prepared to give our best version whatever it may be. What I can say is that we will see a committed Depor, and that we will fight to the end and will have a winning mindset in every game. Since that point, we will grow. We have enough players for several versions and to change the system.”

The level of the trainings: "If I have to put a note, I put a 10. We are very prepared. It has to be seen later in the match and the final note will be that, but due to the feelings I have, the team is very prepared, very hungry and excited.”

Depor will play four games in a frame of nine days: "The schedules are made by la liga, exclusively from la liga, and you have to respect the schedules they set. It’s true that Oviedo now have more rest than we do, but I imagine that they will rotate it and for the next batch, we still have more rest, so you have to respect it and think only about what depends on us.”

Five modifications per game: "Having games every 72 hours, it is going to affect the legs and can give the teams some relief. There’s going to be a nice strategy duel too. The changes are going to have a big impact and it will be positive.”

Aketxe and Hugo Vallejo are injured: "We are having casualties. In our case they are important players, but we have people who can perform well there. The squad is large and we must be calm and row all towards the same side.”



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