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16 Jun 2020
Not good feelings after the game. Depor’s coach wasn’t happy, because his team was unable to win. It was the same opinion of Eneko Bóveda.

Coach Fernando Vázquez wasn’t happy with the return after three months, because Deportivo didn’t win the game, "I know exactly the numbers I have to do to save ourselves. Now it seems easy to do. I want to be the best team in this league. I would like to do this, but we started badly because we didn’t win."

He also commented what he saw in the game, "A little disappointing. We tried something different at the start of the game. But at the same time, I felt the danger, because Sporting could have scored a goal. It’s a feeling that I cannot bear; although we could be impressive, that feeling that Sporting could score is bad. I felt the danger. I wasn’t liking it. We had a good moment in the game, I am not saying the opposite. We were looking to recover the ball quickly, but we weren’t too tight. Then the game became into a 'well, now you attack, now I do it” especially in the second half. Then I had to change from the initial 5-3-2 into a 4-4-2 in a diamond figure, because I was worried about the position of Manu García. I think we improved a little. In the second half we started the same, we switched the system again seeking for speed through Koné and Keko on the sides. Sporting had chances and we also had opportunities. But I am not leaving too much satisfied for how the game was.”

The Galician coach also had a positive comment towards the fact of having the chance to make five substitutions, "We didn’t win the game, but I don't think the changes made the team worse. They improved it, it gave more stability and fulfilled what I was looking for. I love the five changes. If I could change the ten players, I would change them anyway. I like having changes to be able to modify the team. Not to change striker for striker, but to change the structure of the team."

Vázquez also confirmed that the squad is physically fine and ready for the next game, "They finished quite well. It seemed to me that the team made a significant effort in the first half, when it was a little more out of place. But I'm happy with the physical performance. It seemed adequate and adjusted to the possibilities we had."

Due the protocol of la liga, the players didn’t talk to reporters after the game, only Eneko Bóveda addressed the media on Monday before the training session. And he wasn’t happy with the outcome, "Bittersweet sensations. I saw the team with pace and fine in a physical sense. During the game there was alternation in the domain. The result for us is bad. Taking in mind the circumstances at the standings, I think the result is bad.”

At Sporting Gijón, coach Miroslav Djukic was satisfied with the result, "Happy with the team's work. We have had opportunities, we haven’t taken advantage of them, but the true is that we did a good job. It isn’t easy to make opportunities against Depor, especially on here, because it’s a team that closes well and has quality players."




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