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19 Jun 2020
Terrible game not only for Ba but for the rest. The goal of Merino rescued a Depor that was in shadows at the end of the first part. The physical problems are starting to be noticed. Deportivo have now wasted 2 of 4 penalties.

1- Two faces by Deportivo: The Deportivo saw in the first part was the usual team of this season, unable to follow instructions and crippled on the pitch, to the point of making everything easier for a rival that found a two-goal lead almost by accident. The picture changed in the second part with the substitutions, but that good impression only lasted twenty-five minutes, later the team returned to have some doubts. At last the coach isn’t hiding the reality as Fernando Vázquez was upset after the game and even admitted that the team is not working as it should.

2- Nightmare for Ba: Two distractions that cost two goals and a yellow card, the feared nightmare that any defender fears is to be pointed out, and that’s what happened to Abdoulaye Ba at the Carlos Tartiere. In only 45 minutes he had two distractions that cost two free-kicks, and from the goals for Oviedo arrived. He also had a couple of additional distractions that provoked a counterattack, his lack of form was so evident that Vázquez replaced him at half-time and the team improved. The worst possible start for a newcomer that’s now on the spotlight.

3- The defensive errors: The true is that not everything is the responsibility of the disastrous game made by Ba. The whole team continues to show the same inaccuracies of the first round that sunk the team at the standings. The best example was the first goal, the free-kick of Tejera was poorly defended by the whole team.  Six men were standing at the box and not a single of them jumped for the ball, while Dani Giménez was just a spectator at the goal line.

4- The changes marked the way: As it happened against Sporting, Deportivo only improved after the coach switched the system through making changes at half-time. Vázquez used a 4-2-3-1 in the second half, again Keko Gontán and Uche Agbo left a positive impression coming out from the bench, now Vázquez needs to try to translate this improvement into the starting formation.

5- Sabin Merino redeemed: The game with Sporting witnessed an ineffective Sabin Merino, but that picture was washed away with the wonderful goal that came from nowhere. The most important thing is that Depor were lost at that point as it was trailing by two goals, it can be said that Merino was the lifeline that the team needed.

6- The team is not physically at the top: Throughout the mini pre-season it was stated that Depor needed to be physically fit in order to endure this last stretch, it was even pointed as a key in order to have good results and clinch the permanence. Vázquez was prudent and said before the game with Sporting that he wanted to see how his team is and compare it to the rivals, and the true is that several players are not ready to endure. In this game the side defenders barely had the legs to end the meeting. Both Salva Ruiz and David Simón have had injuries on this season and faced problems in this meeting. Salva had to be replaced and David Simón barely could stand up and wasn’t replaced only because the five changes were already made. Two games are gone and nine games are remaining, and it seems that not all the players will bear the sacrifice.

7- Second wasted penalty by Deportivo: The penalty missed by Çolak was the fourth in favour of Deportivo during this season, the Galicians have only converted two of them through Aketxe (Sporting Gijón) and Koné (CD Numancia). Aketxe wasted the other penalty in the home meeting with CD Tenerife at the end of 2019.



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