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19 Jun 2020
Fernando Vázquez is not happy, and not only with the game, but with how his team is reacting after returning from the break. Abdoulaye Ba was embarrassed with his own performance.

Coach Fernando Vázquez wasn’t happy at all with the performance at the Carlos Tartiere, starting with the outcome, “What’s this point for us? Actually, I know we have to earn fifteen points, let's say, to achieve the permanence, which means to win five games. The only good thing of this tine that I value it’s that we won the particular goal-average with Oviedo. So, it can relatively mean one more point at the end of the season.”

The Galician coach confirmed that he attempted the same plan used against Sporting and didn’t had an explanation to the two different faces showed by his men, "We can never know for sure why there was improvement in the second part. When a team is trailing it has nothing to lose. Instead, when a team is leading, it seems they want to be more passive. I repeated the system and the structure to confirm that the field factor disappeared in the competition and I wanted to reaffirm, or not, this situation. But we had problems. When you come out like this, it is to impose your abilities, and we were pretty bad, with many mistakes from my own team. I don't know for what reason, if they feel the pressure or why. We should play more comfortable. But it was five minutes from the second half... and my team ran out a bit.”

Vázquez went beyond the game and stated that his team isn’t working after returning from the self-isolation, “I always have the hope that the team will play with ease, confidence and speed, penetrating and moving forward. It’s what we train. But the reality every Sunday is different. I didn’t like the game against Sporting excessively and today, when it’s necessary, it is because we have to change as the expected things aren’t occurring. There are two opportunities to see if it is... I was training this in the confinement, but it isn’t working when it should. There’s a debate in the team. I think it should work and it doesn't. Let's see what we do for Saturday.”

Peru Nolaskoain scored the equalizer and was analyzing the game, "It’s difficult to explain the first part. We came out well to the game, but from minute five or ten, they have passed over us. It seemed that they had more strength than us. It also influences that they had two more days for the rest, which seems to me a shame. It isn’t an excuse, but it also influences. Sabin's goal has given us a lot of life. In the second half we have done things well."

Abdoulaye Ba had a terrible game and the Ivorian defender admitted it in a small post on his Instagram account, “Unnecessary fouls and two goals, we need to keep working and remain focused, because we play for a lot.”

Neither Cuco Ziganda was satisfied with the outcome, "Nine games are remaining. The standings may change. We are a lot of teams very close together. It’s a disappointment, but it’s time to recover and think about Sporting. The opponents will want to see us discouraged. But we are already thinking about Gijón. it was painful what happened and how it has been, but this is going to be like this until the end. We have to think about Gijón and go out for everything.”

“The team that’s the best to deal with this situation will be the one that will win the matches, we have to know how to live with the standings and the results and play with today's attitude. This is going to be like this until the end.” He added. 




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