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20 Jun 2020
Depor’s coach wants a more solid team in defence and don’t want to talk of changing the system. Rayo’s coach believes this is the moment of truth for his side.

Fernando Vázquez addressed the media on Friday. He didn’t want to confirm if the system is going to be switched, but he talked of Çolak and Ba after their game at Real Oviedo. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Complaints of Borja Valle’s agent for not playing: “For me it’s perfect that any agent is worried because his player isn’t performing, from there to insinuate that there’s something beyond a sporting issue, it seems too daring in my opinion. International football has great players that don’t enter into the plans for tactical reasons. He is a great player, but for tactical reasons he isn’t performing. It’s out of place to insinuate that the coach is receiving orders from the club.”

Changing the system during the games: “This isn’t strange with me. Each time we make a change it is because we want to improve and the team ends reacting. We should see it as something positive. I always aspired to have more changes in order to be able to change more things in the game.”

The tight calendar: “For me it’s determinant to be playing three straight games, it’s the same for all, but not exactly. It’s hard to valorize it, but in Oviedo you saw that they had a little more spark, and they had five days to rest from their previous game, and we only had three.”

Will we see a change to the system with five defenders? “The possibility of making a change is there. I won’t tell you if this will occur tomorrow, but I have prepared everything in case I have to make a change throughout the game. I am not saying that I will make the change, we won’t throw the things that were worked just for making the change.”

Rotations: “I am distributing the minutes among the players at the squad. Some centre-backs played straight games and Gaku too, but he was replaced. You need to administrate this situation in a tight calendar.”

The penalty taker: “It’s probable that I will make a decision about who should be. In the past game I didn’t choose, it was them who did it.”

Ba: “I already talked to him. I am not a coach that kills in the first opportunity. He cannot play tomorrow for contract reasons, but he will have more opportunities. He needs to remain calm and serene. He is happy on here and need to improve, just like the rest.”

Çolak: Çolak has a great level, but isn’t matching it. It’s true that a lot of players are in the same situation after the isolation. He is also feeling affected by the lack of public.”

The main problem of Deportivo: “I am not anxious, just feel the historic responsibility of the team, it’s evident that it will be hard to go to Segunda B, but we are doing things right. I shouldn’t have accepted to come when I came, because that was a critical situation, but now we are competing with other teams at the same height.”

Coach’s motivation: “I confess that I feel weird during the games for the situation with the public, but I am also confident that we are going to achieve the results.”

The defence: “I said before that we needed to stop the bleeding, and right now we aren’t strong in defence. We need to search for balance and not waste what we have earning through our offensive strength.”

Rayo Vallecano: “Rayo is going for everything. They just clinched two victories, and their spirit is ascending. But I am not more worried than when we faced other teams. I see, study and make decisions. They are in-form and it will be complicated.”

Paco Jémez talked to reporters on Friday. He believes this is a decisive moment for his team. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The tight calendar: “I would have liked to have another day to prepare for the game. Especially having played on a Wednesday. I think it would have been more logical to have put the game on a Sunday. But hey, it's the same for both of us. Deportivo also played on Wednesday. Now you have to rotate and rest. Players have to take care of them. Now it’s really hot. The games begin to accumulate. From the third and fourth games the minutes begin to accumulate and now is when the decisive phase arrives. Now there is no margin for error. Those who do things well will be there. The idea is to distribute minutes so that everyone is fresh.”

Deportivo: “Deportivo did a feat. It was almost evicted and won seven, eight or nine games in a row. An atrocity. It looked like they were going to be fighting for other things and now they’re back in trouble. It is a team with very good players. You don't understand how a team with that squad is where it is. But football is like that and inertias are what they are. If you analyze the squad one by one, they have very good people. You need to have a lot of respect. The inertias are going to play. We got better. It’s going to be a difficult and complicated game. We can't believe that they don't know how to play because they do it very well ”

Moment of truth: “It’s time to continue winning and transmit positive things. It’s time to demonstrate not only that you can be there, but that you can aspire to the highest. A week and a half ago if we had been placed sixth, then we would all have signed it Now? It would be a good position, but we can choose something else. I don't know if it will give us time to reach the top. We have to be ambitious. Our mentality is to arrive. If we continue with these results and the sensations, everything can happen in football. Anyone can have a bad streak; and also a good streaks too. There will be many punches between the teams to get there and that’s good for the competition. We need to follow our path. We don’t depend on anyone. What we have done is very good, but it hasn’t yet given us to be in that position. Nine games are left and we want to continue there.”

Riazor: “Riazor even without people is a beautiful field. I know it well. It’s always emotional to return to a place where you are so fond. I am sorry that they are in the situation where they are. I hope they can achieve the permanence. We hope to make the best possible match. The professionalism and the feeling that we can do something important is above all. After this game, I wish you all the luck in the world.” 




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