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22 Jun 2020
Depor’s coach remain unhappy with his team after a third straight draw. Neither Dani Giménez is content as his team remain in trouble.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was trying to explain why his team is changing so much throughout the games, I was already thinking in celebrating the 3.2 tonight. You plan a game, you think about how it will happen, but in the end, things are as they are and there’s a coach at the rival team. I choose the structure and the players and it isn’t working. The rival creates danger and we didn’t create too much. In the idea for the game, surely, I was wrong, I wasn’t right. I don't know if in the structure, the choice of players or the match strategy that I proposed.”

“In football there are 50% of variables that don’t depend on the coach and neither in the team. I care about the other 50%. It’s possible that in the good streak, that 50% was on my side and in this one, now, no. The team knows that’s capable of overcoming an adverse result. Sometimes the scoresheet moves the minds of the players. We weren’t well. Rayo caught us with some ease, we conceded a goal in the first minute and it’s hard in that way. It’s also how the second and third came, as in Oviedo, and that is very positive for everyone.” He added.

The Galician coach is still convinced that Depor are going to be saved, “I don’t look too much at the standings. I'm serious. I know the games we have to win, what we have to do and I think we will fulfill it. I am responsible, I know what this club is and the fans we have. I already wish that the suffering people were here with us. I am convinced that with the public we would have won the match.”

Once again Vázquez was complaining for been playing games too often, "It must be said loud and clear that we didn’t play even with 72 hours of recovery. But with 68. What seems to be worthless has a decisive influence on the team's state of fitness, physical condition and mood. We are paying for that.”

Meanwhile, Paco Jémez was also complaining, but for the kick-off time, “In Spain you cannot play at five in the afternoon. Let them fix it as they can, but you can't play at this hour. They are wrong. Although some believe that it isn’t hot on here, but it is hot, and that’s demonstrated in the exhaustion of the players. You cannot believe that the north is not hot. It's hot in here, and if not, take an airplane and see it by yourself.”

Goalkeeper Dani Giménez wasn’t happy with the outcome, "The strength of the group is what is going to make us get out of here. We have to work so we can have a strong start. And not give away because we are going to play against teams that are in a better situation than ours and if we give them an advantage, then surely we won’t even get a point. Coming back from a 0-2 against a great team like Rayo is fine. But the point is bittersweet. It tastes like no defeat to me because you don't lose... But with what we're playing for, we can't give away so much and we give away a lot today.”

Then Víctor Mollejo was complaining of the referee, “In the first penalty he takes a long time, because the VAR tells him one thing, then another... The referee is not very guilty. It is whistled and it’s done, and it’s sent to repeat the action and it’s the least debatable decisions, because the goalkeeper is clearly ahead. For all the fuss that was set up later, it was formed a little by the Rayo bench, who do it correctly because it is in their favor, I think the referee acted a little wrong because he let himself be carried by the Rayo bench and his coach. It’s screwing, because you end up with the feeling that the penalty was whistled in order to tie everything.”




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