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27 Jun 2020
Depor’s coach analyzed his players and talked of the importance of the game with SD Ponferradina. The rival’s coach didn’t talk to reporters.

Fernando Vázquez addressed the media on Friday. He talked briefly of his players, the possible scheme for Saturday’s game and the situation of Fabril’s lads. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Emre Çolak: “He was having a gastric problem on Thursday, but he trained at the top and for me he is an important player from here and until the end of the season.”

Playing without public: “It’s negative when you play at home, because you play for somebody and, without fans, we don’t have anyone supporting you. On the road things could be favourable. But for me it depends, some teams aren’t affected for not having public.”

Undefeated since the return: “It’s fine. The points are the road that wen need in order to clinch the salvation. In this sense it is positive, but a draw doesn’t bring too many points, and we need points in order to be saved.”

Gaku: “I don’t think he was nervous the other day when he was sent off, he was disputing the ball and arrived late. The referee saw it and decided to send him off. “

Ponferradina: “You just need to look at the standings and realize it will be a tough game. This team is commanded by Bolo in an extraordinary way. He does simple things, but at the same time it’s very good.” 

Yuri: “Yuri is a classic at Segunda División and therefore means danger. It’s a player to follow and it’s clear that we won’t change the playing style, but we have to take care of the details.”

Fabril’s players training with the team: “All of them are evolving. Alberto is a great goalie, I have good feeling with him. Juan Rodriguez needs to improve and to feel like a professional. Gandoy and Valín are fighting for a spot ahead of next season, both were picked and that’s their goal. Off course they will play this year. I would love to see the debut of Alberto and Juan Rodriguez, but we have to wait.”

Will Peru be available for next game? “It will depend of the evolution. It isn’t healing as fast as we expected, but we have some days for the game at Tenerife.”

Keko Gontán: “He felt injured today from a muscle problem on the hamstring muscle. He is out for this situation.”

Uche Agbo: “He had four days for the rest, so I consider it’s enough to be prepared. But that doesn’t mean I am not thinking in resting players. His good game can only be explained by his form. When he landed here, he had a while without playing and had a low form. Form is a group of characteristics and I had to wait for him, besides the break due to the pandemic was great to him.”

Importance of straight victories: “If we clinch a second straight victory, then everything will be easier.”

Should the five changes stage in the future? “Off course, it’s a challenge for a coach, but it’s pretty as you have more options. A yellow card and you have to replace someone and you are left with only two. It gives you more options.”

Three points above demotion: “It’s pretty to have that difference, but neither is extraordinary. If we would be nine points over, then the team will be feeling more relieved, but it’s not the case. A victory gives you more chances of reaching the goal, but the negative feelings are there if you realize that the team will be in a difficult situation if it loses a game.”

Math for the permanence: “We will celebrate it when we achieve a third victory, that means three of the remaining seven games, looking things like that it isn’t as easy as you could think. We are only going game by game, and we have a final this weekend. I just don’t look at the standings.”

Five defenders against Ponferradina?: “Let’s say that we opted for that draw against Elche as we didn’t’ want them to run. We achieved that, but suffered a lot with the crosses. We will play with all those concepts. I don’t like to be locked at the back. I hope the behavior will be different against Ponferradina.” 




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