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29 Jun 2020
Depor’s coach wasn’t too convinced with the performance of his team, while the players were talking of good luck.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was analyzing the game, “We went out in order to control against a team that was going to put us in trouble. They had a simple game, but it’s tough. We lacked spark despite having four days for the rest. I didn’t see things so tough in the first part. I wasn’t expecting for this level from the rival. We were too delayed in the second half and the rival pressed us, they scored and I was planning to make changes. I was planning the changes to face a rival searching for the playoff with the 0-0, and turned to be 0-1, so it made harder the revitalization of the team. The sides of Hugo [Vallejo] and Mollejo were obstructed, something that wouldn’t have happened with the 0-0, and we had to react with sacrifice. Thankfully, we won. We weren’t at the top, we lacked spark in the first half and the game would have a different reading now.”

The Galician coach also explained the reason why Borja Valle was playing at midfield, “I sought for more quality in the pass. Borja is able to drill passes and change the direction of the ball, even to search for the strikers, because he has an exquisite pass. I was searching for more creativity, to see if we could find a cross with Çolak and Aketxe. A little more of technical control.”

He valorized the importance of the three points, “When a team turns around a negative score within the final minutes it means a big joy, what it means? It means that we have 44 points and we need two more games to secure the permanence. It means to add and that the goal is closer.”

Finally, Vázquez refused to talk of the possibility of reaching the playoff zone, “It would be inappropriate, vain and lacking humility. It wouldn’t be appropriate. Thinking like this wouldn’t be positive for the team. Let's be practical, if we reach the 50 points, we aren’t going on vacation. But for now, the objective must be clear and one must be consistent and coherent. We won two more games and there are four left. We would do it from a different mindset, but changing the chip isn’t easy. On the other hand, we would have the freedom and tranquility that we could go out to win the games without that weight and responsibility that the team suffers.”

David Simón was talking of good luck, "We suffered until the end, what was bad luck before is now on our side, that bit of luck that we didn’t have before, we are stronger and this team doesn’t give up and suffers until the end, we will go for the victory to Tenerife to keep adding more points.”

Dani Giménez was commenting the game, “I lived through it with a lot of suffering. The goal was a blow, but the team overcame the situation. It was difficult for us to enter by the sides... and the end was a wealth of sensations. Despair and anxiety, the nerves trying to tie and then win. To believe in the team. When we tied, the team believed more than ever that we could win. Things are achieved with heart and those games are being returned to us, because in the first round we weren’t able to get more points and we deserved it. Football puts everything in its place.”

At SD Ponferradina, Jon Pérez Bolo was feeling said for the outcome after the effort done by the team, “Nothing was happening because the team was defending well against Deportivo's attacks. They didn’t have any chance and a strategic play provoked the unfortunate move to score the own goal. Deportivo couldn’t find any chance, they rushed because we weren’t granting them anything. Then we had a very clear opportunity that was saved, and on the last play of the game, we defended poorly, a player dribbled, he made a drilling pass and they scored. We are leaving screwed because we didn’t deserve that this match ended like this.”

"What I feel now is pride of my team. I can't criticize my players. I can only give them a hug and say that this is the way, which has led us to be here. We haven’t been lucky enough, not only to score but to claim the victory, when everything made us think that this was going to be the case. We have made the mistake in two isolated actions and I cannot stay only analyzing those actions.” He added. 




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