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12 Jul 2020
Depor’s coach is still upset with his suspension, and targets the victory, though he says that it won’t secure the permanence. Extremadura’s coach says that his team will give everything despite already been relegated.

Fernando Vázquez offered a press conference on Saturday. He denied that he was violent against the referee in Málaga, and also talked of what he expects in this game. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The incident in Málaga: “I already said it, I believe these sanctions are out of this century. Old. I believe we must do other things. When I entered the changing room after the game… it is next to the one of the players, therefore I never went out searching for him. The referee was at the stairs towards his changing room and I was there, and I told him that: a goal must be invalidated when a hand occurs, no matter is voluntary or not. Nothing more. I am not a criminal. Reading the act, it seems I am a criminal trying to attack the referee. I was never held by anyone. Reading the act, it seems that I was furious. I had been sent off many times, but always for asking for explanations, never for insulting. It seems that the rules can only be interpreted by some people. And they gave me three games for that? For me this is serious, because the act isn’t saying the truth.”

Peru Nolaskoain: “Yesterday he trained with certain joy, he was feeing great. Today he was thinking of training, but unfortunately he got sick. I think is tonsillitis and is already ruled out for tomorrow.”

Salva Ruiz: “He won’t be ready for tomorrow.”

What did the team missed in Málaga? “We didn’t read the game properly. Maybe the coach didn’t explain things right. I still believe it was a missed opportunity. We committed strategic and tactical errors in Málaga, and I also think that we missed physical freshness.”

Importance of the game: “The team is convinced that we can achieve the victory but, as I said before, it’s harder when the goal is closer. You could be afraid of failing, but we hope to reach the goal. It’s like Nadal having a match point when they are 6-4. Five months ago, we will be enchanted with this situation, and fortunately we have this game, also the one in Miranda and against Fuenlabrada.”

Extremadura: “I prefer to face a rival without goals. No matter what happens, their situation won’t change. Clearly, we have ana advantage, and that’s enough to compete. I hope that the players can have the energy. The negative thing is that we are forced to win and that’s an element affecting us. But in the end the energy of this club must impose.”

Will Depor be saved with the victory? “I won’t make calculations. First, we will win and then we will think of it. We must resolve the game first and later to think of Fuenlabrada and Mirandés.”

Manu Mosquera: “I like to talk with the rival’s coaches. Manu was a great player. I had a good relation with him when he was at Depor. Our interests are different and Depor are playing for a lot in this game, so it will be different. He knows how to transmit ideas to his team.”

Manu Mosquera talked to the media on Friday. He was talking of what went wrong on the season after the relegation was confirmed. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Relegation: “After the defeat with Cádiz, I said it as a matter of certifying it or not. It happened and this isn’t a great day. We have to accept it, but I also said that we cannot give excuses as we gave everything. Honor for our players and for the fans that were with us. We must also accept the criticism. I accept the criticism. I can only say thanks for been with us, and we must be untired until the end. I won’t give excuses, but the fans must think that we went to every field knowing that we could win, and that represented the fans. It’s a sad day, they throw us, but we are already standing up.”

Balance of the season: “We must analyze the situation at the end. We will do it normally, with balance. There are multiple factors for this, but in the first round we missed goal. We had many chances to score, but we didn’t net goals, especially at home. I believe the situation would have changed, because in all the defeats we could have won. Also, we lost too many home games. In the last stage we also needed some good luck with the injuries and the support of the public.”

Strength for returning to Segunda B: “My main strength is mental, to wake up and stand up. I was a player of this club for thirteen years, we went to Tercera and each day we thought of making a great project and returning to the top. Last year I was here, and we achieved a complicate goal, now it wasn’t possible, but we must think of regeneration.”

The game against Deportivo: “On Sunday we are going there in order to steal the ball from them and win the game, we must press upfront. Besides, we aren’t interested in any other things. This team has always tried to win, we have pride and will go out in order to win. No matter they need the win, we will do our job. If we can win the next three games, they will see that e are an honored rival. We can win the next three games, and if we can’t, then at lest we are going to give everything.” 




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