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19 Jul 2020
Deportivo’s coach admitted that his plan failed. The players were trying to keep a positive vision despite the delicate situation.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was commenting the game, “We propose a match to wait and fight back. But we failed in the first part. All responsibility is with the coach. In the second half, we made four changes and the team reacted positively. But unluckily we didn't manage to win the match. For this approach I didn’t put Aketxe. Because it was a meeting to run, not to dominate. This is not the first time I do it. This was the same start in Tenerife. But things didn’t go as expected. We didn’t run, we didn’t fight back. The first half was a fiasco.”

"We created enough scoring situations, not in plays where our attacker was alone against the goalkeeper, but we did have many possibilities for a shot. The responsibility and the pressure may be weighing on the team, but this is very difficult to value for a coach. Defensively we weren’t bad, but when you have the ball you are unable to reach the opposite goal, the approach is failing.” He added.

The Galician coach is aware that his team doesn’t depend on itself for the last matchday, “We don’t depend on ourselves, but we don’t have to look for a miracle either. It will depend on what we and the rest of the teams do, because it’s clear that you can win your match and go down as well; It’s sad that we didn’t get a point here.  It’s about getting up, looking ahead and beating Fuenlabrada. There's no turning back. Winning and waiting for what happens in the other matches.”

Eneko Bóveda was talking of Depor’s delicate situation, "Each one takes the blow as they can, we are touched, whatever we think isn’t going to change our situation and the team before the end of the season has to be able to face Monday's game with competitive and psychological guarantees. This isn’t the time to make shots to do more damage to ourselves, it’s time to prepare our minds and legs for Monday, we will make a balance at the end of the league.”

Víctor Mollejo was trying to be positive, “It wouldn’t be a miracle to save us at all, because there are real options, and quite a few, that by winning we can save ourselves. On the last day, anything can happen and we, with the three points, have a good chance that, if an opponent doesn’t win, we can save ourselves.”

“The changing room was sad about the defeat, but at the moment the game ended, the captains spoke, also the coach, and we were clear that it was not the time to be annoyed, but to come up, to think about the next game. It is what we have to do. It will be the most important game of the season.” He added.

At CD Mirandés, coach Andoni Iraola commented what he saw in the game, “The team has done very well. We played a very good first half, because we felt comfortable with the ball. We had quite a few arrivals. The second half was more open. They had no choice but to risk and we, were able to end the match on the counterattack. We are leaving with three points that put us in a better position at the standings.” 




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