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24 Jul 2020
Fernando Vázquez analyzed the situation with the suspension of the game with FC Fuenlabrada. He insists that the last matchday should have been suspended, and is ready to fight for the club’s rights.

Fernando Vázquez gave a virtual press conference on Thursday. Depor’s coach explained how he and the players were informed about the situation before the game with FC Fuenlabrada. He also gave his opinion on what’s going in the conflict with La Liga. The following is a summary of the things he said.

How did you live the situation? "I found myself in the situation when I arrived at the stadium and they tell me that Fuenlabrada is not going to show up. As it’s clear and it’s verified, before the games were played, I went out to speak on TV and I already expressed my opinion. I already said that it seemed an unusual situation to me and that Deportivo would feel hurt by that decision. But before this... I also lived a similar situation in the subject of Sevilla and Celta, and that public pressure prevented those teams from descending to Segunda B. This isn’t the same or similar case, but it has the same or more serious connotation. The violation of the competition is clear and palpable, we hold on to this until the last consequences.”

The protocols in training: “In the confinement there were times when we had to train separately, then there was a group phase and you did the normal training. In football there is contact and you cannot train without it. We entered the group phase together, knowing that we were clean and running the risk that there could be infections. For an hour and a half, all the players are in contact.”

The lack of explanations by la liga: “I already criticized on television the joint statement of the Federation, League and CSD, because it said it was for the health of the players, knowing what we know and the integrity of the competition. The explanation that Tebas should give is why in that situation, a kind of dilemma, we either suspend everything or suspend only Depor’s game. Why at that time they decided, under pressure, to suspend Deportivo and continue, what’s the reason. That is the question. I didn't hear that explanation, they haven't given it. Sometimes, decisions are made based on reasoning, this wasn’t a yes or no. We aren’t at war, there was time to make the decision. Why the whole matchday wasn’t postponed? They believed that the consequences would be a lesser evil, but it has become a greater evil. That is the first question. “The second question, since no one makes decisions in a vacuum and without thinking, why wait until 5 in the afternoon. Fuenlabrada’s positives weren’t reported. You have to answer these questions and find out why this was done. In crimes there is always a reason, the motive here would be why they acted like this and why they didn’t communicate until 5 in the afternoon.”

Planning next season: “I am fully convinced that we are a Segunda team, that's why I am here. I have no idea when the game can be played, they didn't think about it either. I would have to be a phenomenon, a magician of psychology, so that being demoted, I would motivate the players not to delegitimize the competition. I feel discriminated and betrayed and now they ask me to try to legitimize something. My responsibility was taken away from me with this decision, I don’t feel responsible and I have no responsibility for my team to be competitive. The victims of this decision are being seen, there is a postponed playoff and it has been shown that the competition is violated. If anyone doubts that, look at the consequences. "

The social pressure: "We must especially thank the mayor, the Xunta, we have enough weapons to lobby. Demonstrations that aren’t prohibited. They must be done with a clear and important organization, knowing that the medical situation is complicated, but I have already read the statement from the supporters and clubs and of course I would take the lead.”

They opted for the lesser evil and could opt for the greater good: “If I ask myself the questions, I find answers. These are deductions that I make, and I have my theories. I have freedom of thought and of course I have my opinion on what happened. Wondering is a wonderful task to discover the truth. Why the decision is made, why there must be a lesser evil? Because there you recognize that you are going to do damage. You can never do wrong to get good. At a time when we weren’t under threat of an atomic bomb, under the threat of war... at that time you can see less evil, but it’s highly debatable. But at this moment, when some entities say lesser evil... Is the lesser evil Deportivo? A decision is made from the power, without taking into account... only taking into account material or industrial elements, without taking into account what football is. There is a seriously injured group of fans, a club that’s played from the offices, even with its viability. You cannot make a decision by doing wrong, there may be greater good. You have to do good, not evil. They opted for the lesser evil, being able to opt for the greater good.”

Deportivo's legal strategy: “We want to cancel the matchday. If it’s materially impossible to do so, then those who made a mistake have to pay, not Depor. As the competition is violated, because there is sufficient evidence, there are many teams involved. Those who made the decision must have the reflective capacity to take a step back and, as experts in legal matters say, better sooner than later.”

Accusations against Deportivo: "Imagine that Lugo and Albacete have lost, what would be happening now? You have to have a little empathy, be a real collective and not allow it to be organized from an office, from power. La Liga is made up of clubs, not led by a head that is in an armchair and makes the decisions that come out of their noses. Let's imagine that the positives were communicated over the weekend, the clubs would have pressured Tebas or they would have reached an agreement not to play any game. There was no time to react. If the players are in the changing room and you tell them they can lose all three points, they decide to play. Now we have to turn back, let's think what would have happened if the results had favored Deportivo. Everyone should react "

Tebas’ attitude towards Deportivo: “He is staying in the same position, it’s a stubborn attitude. If you think, and you do it because you are smart, you have to recognize what’s happening to football in Segunda Division. Another question I ask myself is what would happen if Barcelona and Real Madrid were involved. What would they have decided? If they play the League on the last day and there is a problem with Barcelona or Madrid, what decision would they take? They would have benefited one of the two or suspended everything. The answer is clear.”

The protocols of La Liga: “We have discussed it with Lariño and the doctors were amazed, because there was this protocol that was above sanity. The protocol was approved over the club doctors. I said to Carlos Lariño that football couldn’t be above civil laws. It was a familiar topic, a topic that was discussed, but until it comes to light…”

How do you understand Fuenlabrada’s trip? “It is confirmed that they already knew it on Saturday. It is clear in the law what to do and it’s verified that it was not done. For what reason it wasn’t done, and it took up to two hours before the game to release some information. That answer is very important. Regardless of the resolution that La Liga, RFEF and CSD decided, opting for a lesser evil. They weren’t between the sword and the wall and they jumped from the frying pan into the fire, it’s an incomprehensible decision. La Liga president is from all the clubs. Having at hand the right solution for everyone, he chose to harm Deportivo and others. That also has to be explained by Mr. Tebas. If they give me an explanation, I can say if they are right or not, but no one, not even the press, knows that reason. They thought they were in a limit situation and they weren’t. A good president fights for everyone and Depor was clearly discriminated.”

Tebas accused Deportivo of lack of integrity: "These are things that I didn’t want to say at this press conference. Throwing hoaxes without revealing the evidence... it seems to me that it isn’t typical of a president of La Liga. It denigrates Deportivo without saying what it is based on. If they tell me that Depor has no reason to complain about this and this, I could answer. But throw the stone and hide your hand."

The distribution of blame between CSD, League and Federation "It appears that there was information withholding, as CSD says in its press release. If they knew the health situation, they might not have acted like this. I would like to know those kinds of deliberations that would have to be public. What happens now? When the police attack four or five who rob a bank, they catch one and everyone starts singing. I am not comparing it, but there comes a time when nobody wants to take responsibility, when everyone is responsible.”

Fuenlabrada’s situation: “I consider Fuenlabrada a victim of the situation as well, for Fuenlabrada’s players. I don’t consider them guilty of anything. I don't accuse Fuenlabrada of anything. Justice will say that mistakes have been made. From here I don’t accuse Fuenlabrada, I just wonder why those positives weren’t commented before and why it happened when we arrived at the field. For me it’s also a damaged team. Imagine how a team that can't train can now take part of the playoff. Another violation of the competition, another proof that the competition has been violated.”

The three points aren’t the solution: “It doesn’t solve the problem. I don't want the three points. But that doesn't count. At the time of the competition, what would have happened in Albacete and Lugo if we had won? Those moments cannot be measured again. The violation is so serious that it goes against the laws of the League and the FEF, it doesn't solve anything for me that the points are given me.”

Sandoval's criticism of the world of football for not being interested in his players: “Deportivo were interested. I never spoke negatively about Fuenlabrada, I consider it a victim. There are people from the club who spoke with Fuenlabrada’s player… I don't think that complaint was directed at Deportivo, it would be undeserved.”

This is how Deportivo found out about the suspension: “We arrived at the stadium and I began to hear it, but I don't know the source. Messages began to come to the players, footballers from other teams who didn’t want to play, the positive came out at seven-thirty, it was a mess. Everyone wanted to know what was going to happen. At first everything was suspended, then no, some wanted to play in other clubs, others didn’t. We were all waiting and asking, I wanted to play, the team was ready. Why postpone a game if you can solve it as soon as possible. Later I found out why and my players wouldn’t play if they would have been forced. They didn’t want to play knowing that there were positives and danger of contagion. When we learned that ours was postponed and the rest was at stake, the anger was tremendous.”

What do you think of those who say that Depor doesn’t go down for what happened the last day: "That is a fallacy. It would be debate for another press conference. It can be said that we didn’t win 19 games in the first round, but what does it matter? If you're fighting at the end, what's the problem? I heard that we should have fixed it the week before and that's silly. Does not count the last day? These are things that are sought to say that you have no right to claim. In the second round we were one of the best. What does it matter when you make the points? Reality says that we have a chance to save ourselves. The rest are pathetic and baseless arguments.”

Are you open to play the game with Fuenlabrada? "It seems impossible to me to play the game, it would be an act of comedy. The competition has been violated. Right now the players have days off, but many didn’t want to play anymore. How do you convert a relegated, wronged and betrayed team by the employers to be told "please play, be competitive, the League has to be healthy and neat, because Elche can pay the consequences."

Nor does he see the repetition of the day as probable. "It is materially impossible, because then there would be a revolution in the Second. There would be many who would refuse, and rightly so. It would be impossible. When do you recover the day? When would the playoffs be in August? They worried about time but for time there would be no problem. When the competition returns, maybe many players would belong to another team. It seems difficult to me once the repetition is materialized ”

Should the last matchday be replayed?  "It’s materially impossible, because then there would be a revolution at Segunda. There would be many who would refuse, and rightly so. It would be impossible. When do you recover the matchday? When would the playoffs be? In August? They were worried about time. but for time there would be no problem. When the competition returns, maybe many players would belong to another team. It seems difficult to me once the repetition is materialized.”

So, it’ the solution to have 24 teams at Segunda? "If they force me to play, we would play, but it would be a comedy. I don’t care a league of 22 or 24, but it’s fair that Deportivo is part of the Segunda Division. In the Championship they do it and finish the League in May. Maybe we should always be 24, there are enough to compose Segunda División. Would there be problems of economic distribution? It is possible, but it’s a matter of wanting or not wanting. Football wouldn’t go down in level and there is enough time. Absolutely nothing would happen.”



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