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06 Aug 2020
Álex Bergantiños was surprisingly detained on Wednesday for an audio conversation with the players in which he was referring to the game with CF Fuenlabrada. The Galician media believes it’s the continuation of the war with La Liga.

The issue with CF Fuenlabrada is living a daily chapter and each time it’s more gruesome. Now the spotlight was over Álex Bergantiños. The midfielder, in his role of team’s captain, was calling all the players to return to A Coruña after the Competition Committee fixed a date for the game with CF Fuenlabrada.

He did it in an audio that was posted in the WhatssApp group of the team. In the audio Bergantiños was telling his teammates that he talked to the lawyers of the club, and that he sees the chance of a league of 24 as “very difficult”. Also, that he doesn’t know what to think of the game with CF Fuenlabrada and said that “it could be very deceiving.”

He also insinuated the chance to make some kind of protest, like sitting down if CF Fuenlabrada scores a goal. This audio was somehow filtered to Radio Cadena Cope, and just 30 minutes later CF Fuenlabrada wrote a communicate saying that they were going to denounce the player for “trying to fix the game.” In the end it was La Liga the side that presented a demand.

It was a nonsense and clearly another tactic trying to attack Deportivo, but surprisingly, just one day later, agents from the agency in Madrid that investigates match fixing cases travelled to A Coruña and detained the player, he had to talk to the agents in the Police station of Louzas (A Coruña), and was later released without charges.

The media in A Coruña denounced that this was another dirty tactic trying to attack Deportivo, even the major of the city, Inés Rey, stated that it was “unheard of and shameful” She also added that, "The one who had to be declaring in Lonzas is not Álex, but the one who has the responsibility of putting a team and a city at risk and has skipped all the health protocols."

Álex talked to the media after leaving the police station, “I am very calm. They wanted to ask me about the audio that was leaked yesterday, and I explained it. It hurts on a personal level. It's a changing room conversation in a context... with frustration, with colleagues who see an injustice to play the game... but I don't think I said anything different of what everyone thinks. The objective was to recruit my colleagues taking into account their personal conditions and difficulties and try to present a team.”

“The audio shows the weariness with the whole situation we live in. We were separated from the competition and from playing in the same conditions as the others. Now it’s up to organizations to fix it. It was necessary to stop the whole matchday as we asked from the first moment. We were 12-14 Segunda captains saying that the most appropriate thing for health and sports was not to play. Now it is all a matter of trying to cover everything, we are being used: if we have to come for the RCPs, then not, that if we play or not. CSD, RFEF, LFP, AFE ... everyone uses abbreviations and those of us who stand up and make statements are the players.” He added.

At night, the club released a statement attacking La Liga for this new incident, “We want to express our disbelief at the interpretation completely taken out of context of his words, which were only trying to find a way to make visible the protest that the club is carrying out due to the abuse we are suffering from the La Liga management.”



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