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11 Aug 2020
Deportivo are battling to stay at Segunda División, but it looks with one eye to what’s happening at Segunda B, tournament without a fixed date or even a fixed structure and number of participants.

If the situation at the top two tiers of Spanish football is uncertain for what’s happening with the promotion playoffs and the relegations, then it’s a real chaos at the lower tiers and female football. For the season 2020/21, the Spanish Federation (RFEF) was planning to have a “transition season” with the goal of creating a new third tier, the so-called League Pro.

The Segunda B tournament was planned to be a league with 100 teams, an initial tournament that will qualify teams to a second round in which the best sides will try to get the four promotions to Segunda División. But at this point, almost at the middle of August, there’s no date to begin the tournament and not even a clear structure to dispute the tournament.

The RFEF arranged a meeting with the regional federations on Monday, they confirmed the position of starting the Segunda B, Tercera, lower leagues and the Liga Iberdrola at the end of October, but are unable to fix a date as they want to have a clear protocol first.

The only clear thing is that they will have future meetings with the Superior Council for Sports (CSD) and health authorities in order to work with these protocols, and the only promise made was that they will inform about the exact date to start the season with 30 days of anticipation.  To make things worse, on Monday the RFEF suspended the playoff and therefore promoted to Segunda B all the teams with chances of reaching the third tier, so now there are 102 clubs at Segunda B.

Meanwhile, several clubs have doubting in launching their pre-seasons. Racing Santander, recently demoted to Segunda B, delayed their date to return after knowing about this meeting. In the meantime, Depor Ladies, side that will compete at Liga Iberdrola, already completed three weeks of work while Fabril, side that has been stopped for five months, returned to work on Monday.



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