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14 Aug 2020
Friday is the deadline put by the RFEF in order to know the response of La Liga about the Segunda league with 24 teams. It’s also the day in which the judge of the Federation could release his report against CF Fuenlabrada.

It has been a slow week in terms of major advancements to resolve the mess at Segunda División, but the parties involved have been working as everybody agrees that things should be fixed on next week, actually the Spanish Federation (RFEF) expects to have everything settled for Monday, which is the deadline to inscribe all the clubs in their respective leagues.

For this reason, Friday should be the key day to define what’s going to happen at Segunda División. The RFEF released on Tuesday a new letter towards the LFP in which, apart from the usual tension between both entities, they insisted in creating a Segunda División with 24 participants, the letter sets the deadline of Friday in order to have a response from the LFP and, if there isn’t a response early in the day, then the RFEF will understand that the response is a no.

Until now the LFP has stayed in silence and it’s expected that things will remain the same until Friday. The reason why the RFEF is asking the LFP to authorize a league with 24 participants is that both sides signed an agreement letter in which the authorization of both entities is required each season at the moment of fixing the parameters of the Primera and Segunda tournaments, starting with the number of participants.

And the RFEF is the instance that has the last word, because in case of a disagreement, the Federation is the one that will have the final decision about what should be done. Some analysists say that these rules are ambiguous, but it explains why there are only three days separating the “ultimatum” to the LFP to the day in which the RFEF wants to have everything settled. The RFEF could be releasing their final decision about a Segunda with 24 teams on Friday or Saturday, and then the teams will be inscribing themselves in their respective leagues by Monday.

It will also explain by the judge of the Competition Committee has delayed the release of his final report investigating the infractions committed by CF Fuenlabrada and La Liga, because it could be the final pressure of the RFEF to the LFP in order to accept their terms.

The last thing known is that the judge admitted the petition of Deportivo about accepting the declaration of the Xunta de Galicia regarding the fact that they received the report of CF Fuenlabrada and La Liga about their positive cases until late on Monday (July 27), just when matchday 42 was already on.  Deportivo also officially requested to the judge the demotion of CF Fuenlabrada for the violations of the COVID-19 protocols, the petition was accepted by the judge and his recommendations should be released during the weekend.



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