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25 Aug 2020
Richard Barral addressed the media as the first team was completing the first training session of the pre-season. He talked about the status of the players.

One of the news on Monday is that Richard Barral is going to be confirmed as the director of football at Deportivo (he was working only as an advisor). He talked to reporters when the first team was training at Abegondo and analyzed the transfer market and the status of the players. The following is a summary of the main things he said.

The planning for the new season: "Planning cannot stop anymore. I ask anyone. I know there are holidays, but something must be said and then the holidays can continue. It’s time for someone to put themselves in their place and say what to do for one side or the other. This looks like a scary movie. This was such a simple thing... when on Saturday they knew everything. It was very simple. And this would have ended a long time ago. Everything was done wrong and now we see ourselves ending the month of August.”

It’s not possible to plan a team for both Segunda and Segunda B: "Until when? That's not up to us to say. We depend on other people. Making a squad that works for both leagues is synonymous with failure. You can't plan the bulk of the squad now. How do you say to a player… Do you think they will wait for fifteen days or a month? It cannot be done like that. Another thing is Plan A or Plan B. You can think about it, but not execute it. We are moving from minute one on been a team from Segunda, because we are and will be a Segunda club. But we can't assure anyone. Our thinking is Segunda."

Completing the coaching staff: "In a matter of hours or a few days it will be known the name of the new goalkeeping coach, and also the second coach. Fernando is evaluating who he will be."

Michelle Somma: "Somma has a contract to continue before the end of the league. The league prior to the postponement of the Fuenlabrada match."

Borja Valle: “There will be an offer to renew Borja Valle. The player himself said it yesterday: the club would be interested in his renewal. He explained his situation very clearly. He has been committed until the last day, he is one of the captains, and there is nothing to reproach him. The club and the coaching staff would like him to continue.”

Sabin Merino: "The relationship with Leganés has always been very good. They have behaved very well when we asked for Sabin, and later gave all the facilities for his arrival, and we want to reciprocate. That’s why we have allowed Sabin to be there, but in case we continue in Segunda, then he will be our player."

Diego Rolan: "Rolan is a clear issue of how the coronavirus has affected football. He has had a good season in Mexico and has several teams that want him, in addition to offers from Europe, but the clubs are being affected economically. The offers aren’t pleasing us The offers that there are for Rolan don’t satisfy the club. We haven’t accepted any of the proposals, but there have been a lot."

Gaku: "Gaku Shibasaki hasn’t come for a travel issue. At this time, it isn’t easy. He will join us shortly."

Iago Gandoy: “With Gandoy, it was simply a matter of exercising the option of a long-standing contract. If it isn’t ready at one hundred percent, it is because we are polishing it before the new situation. The conditions are from my previous stage here. There will be no problem." 




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