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31 Aug 2020
The RFEF will have a long day on Monday, they will firstly decide what will happen with the “non-professional” leagues and later will make the draw for the top divisions.

Segunda División B should start in a month, but at this point the Spanish Federation (RFEF) hasn’t even announced the system of competition for a league that has passed from 80 to 102 clubs. The RFEF argues that they were preparing the COVID-19 protocols with the Superior Council for Sports (CSD), and that everything should be settled this Monday.

And a telematic meeting has been arranged for Monday (12h30 CET). It’s expected that the RFEF will explain of the details of the season 2020/21 at Segunda B and Tercera División, including the composition of the groups and how the four promotion places are going to be disputed. In this way Deportivo will finally have an idea of what lies ahead.

It's going to be a long day for the RFEF, because that same day they will also make the draw of the calendar at Primera and Segunda División (16h30 CET). It was reported that the RFEF was going to present allegations for the decision of the CSD regarding leaving them out of the case against CF Fuenlabrada, but they still will make the draw.



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