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07 Oct 2020
Depor’s director of football, Richard Barral, analyzed the moves made by Deportivo during the summer window. He talked of Rolan, the role of Adri Castro and the cases of Mujaid and Somma.

On Tuesday, Richard Barral addressed the media. Depor’s director of football explained why Diego Rolan stayed, while he also announced that Adri Castro will be alternating between Fabril and the first team. He also said that Uche Agbo was the best signing. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Valorization of the transfer window: “It was as planned. We are very happy. Our big goals were to keep very important people from last year’s squad ahead of the future. Like Bergantiños, Bóveda, Salva Ruiz, Uche, Beauvue. All those that I named have stayed from last year. With regard to the signings, we got people who had offers from Segunda or even Primera at other countries. We are happy. We achieved above what we thought we could achieve.”

The situation with Diego Rolán: “A few days ago we knew that there was the possibility that he could continue with us, because the offers that were arriving were insufficient. There’s a different reality in football after the coronavirus. Before there were some prices that there and after the pandemic there are others. This happens from Primera Division to the leagues below. That’s why we had a free spot and at this moment Diego Rolan will take it. We reached the end of the market with the squad formed as we wanted. From there we consciously left a free spot, because there were three possibilities. The first was that Diego Rolan had to rejoin the team. The second was to wait for the January market. And the third was to wait in case something in attack appeared to give us a plus.”

Can Depor afford Rolan’s wages: “For Rolan we weren't reaching agreements with any team. About his salary, from the first moment we were renegotiating with him. All the players who have remained from the previous year had contracts in Segunda, not as high as Rolan's contract, but with all of them it was necessary to renegotiate. With some it was a matter of negotiating the years, with others with the promotion, bonuses or in a series of objectives. And Rolan is the same case. He is one more player and we will assess if he stays until January, if he doesn’t stay, or if he reaches the end of the season. But now he is ours and has to be reinstated.”

Rolan isn’t making the pre-season with the team: “He wasn’t with us, because he had permission from the club. The most important option was to continue in Mexico and that’s why we let him continue training there with his team. When he came to Spain, it was always under the supervision of our physical trainer. It’s true that training in a group is not the same as training alone, but we believed it was the best thing. He had more chances than others to get out and we decided that it should be that way. The club believes that the offers that have arrived are insufficient and that there will be a better time to transfer him or loan him out. Regarding his salary, we use the same instruments as with the others. It has been renegotiated with everyone and an agreement has been reached with everybody.”

Can Rolan’s wages affect the rest of the squad? “All the players come from Primer and Segunda. In Segunda B, we pay salaries of Segunda B. We are a club with one of the most important budgets in the league. If he is going to play until January or until the end of the season, it will be with a renegotiated salary, as we have done with the rest. No player on the squad among those who stayed is going to collect the same wages they had before. Not a single one, all of them were renegotiated on a year-to-year basis.”

Uche Agbo was the best operation made in the summer: “As this is a family, we must be proud of all the components, but it’s true that due to the tremendous difficulty of retaining Uche, it was the most difficult operation. It had Primera offers from Spain, France, Turkey and Belgium. He could have gone where she wanted and made a lot more money. That he chose to stay with us says a lot. He signed a long-term contract and I think it's something to be proud of, Deportivo in general.”

Adri Castro will be alternating between the first team and Fabril: “Time will tell because performance puts everyone in their place. At the beginning, he is a player of the first team with the advantage that, as he has a B squad member, if at any time he has to play with Fabril, he will be able to do so. We are very happy with his pre-season performance. Perhaps he is the boy who has been at Deportivo for the longest, I think since Benjamines or Alevines. He has DNA of Deportivo. Last year he was loaned to Ourense and he had a great campaign, and he also has great versatility since he can play both on the front and on the wing. He covers two positions and his performance is at the same level as any other player. He begins with the same possibilities to play as the others.”

Do you think that the delay of the case with Fuenlabrada affected the summer window: “No. We had enough time. The market ended on October 5. The league starts on the 18th, so whoever is late has time to get in shape. It would have affected more if we had continued at Segunda Division, because those two or three differential players that we had there already negotiated, with the delay in the decisions of the committees, it would have been difficult that they would have waiting for us. It’s a squad that could compete At Segunda Division, although without great aspirations. We are happy, we have brought what we wanted.”

Did you have offers for Mujaid: “For all the players who have stayed there was some offer, towards the club or towards them in particular. Among them was Mujaid. As the season ended, some teams were interested, but by talking to him, renegotiating, we have managed to keep him with us for another year. He is going to be an important player, with status. We expect a great year from him and then life will tell. His moment will surely come with more force and more possibilities. Now, he had just broken sportingly with a great second round last year and one more year with us is going to give him that plus that will make him an important footballer.”

Why Salva Ruiz was inscribed until deadline day? “He has been excellent with us. He always had the idea of staying at the club, despite the fact that he had many offers from Segunda and the first division in Portugal. He had the possibility by contract to leave and didn’t leave. Right now he has the same contract he had and we are renegotiating and trying to extend it for another year.”

The exit of Somma: “Simply the important thing is that the one who stayed was because he wanted to stay, because he is involved and feeling comfortable at Depor. We have players who have played in Primera and Segunda. That’s good, because it gives level to the squad, but if the degree of involvement is not high, it is worthless. Somma, even though he had a contract… we even valued the two-year extension, but there were disagreements because there was not enough enthusiasm to play at Segunda B. We opted to reach an agreement and we wish him the best of luck in the world. Each one to follow their path and I hope he succeeds and does well.”

What do you think of the competition? “The league format is surreal. In a normal format we would be strong and we would it would be fine, but with this, other factors will influence. It’s a format that no one likes. We have to think that we have a great squad and now we have to form a great team, be all united and think that we cannot be relaxed, all points count. It’s only worth winning, winning and winning. There are no excuses. We all have a brutal pressure, we know that we play for a lot and we have to go out every game to win, there is no other way.”

The budget and the investment in the squad: “No economic data can be revealed. But we have a budget and we were still underperforming. We are at the level of eight or ten other teams that we have on the starting grid for one of those four promotion positions. All salaries are renegotiated. There is no economic issue, because all the players have lost money. We have one of the highest budgets, but it’s a question of credibility. There are a number of people who have been involved in an ambitious project that if it ends up achieving promotion, we have a squad formed to play at Segunda Division. There is no madness. Everything has been done under the guidelines set by the budget. They are here because they want to.”

The rivals: “My squad always seems to me the best. We only care about ourselves. We know that the league is difficult, that there are going to be great teams in front of us, that the format is difficult… but we have to forget the rivals and go out every Sunday to win the game and it’s what we got. We have a squad, enthusiasm and hope for it. Sometimes I look at other clubs and their signings, but we are one of the leading teams in the league.”



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