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14 Oct 2020
Keko Gontán explained the reason why he stayed at Depor, the main one a conversation with the coach. He also foresees a difficult season for Deportivo.

Keko Gontán addressed the media on Tuesday.  He was explaining the decision of signing a four-year contract with Depor despite the relegation to Segunda B, "The decision to stay in Segunda B was difficult, the key to deciding and was the project and above all the family, who are feeling very comfortable here in A Coruña. I had a key meeting with the coach, without that conversation I wouldn’t have stayed at Depor. We looked into each other's eyes and he told me I was going to be important."

“He told me that, this year, I would have opportunities and also that I would be an important player from the beginning. I also like the team they have assembled. I'm positive about the goal of the promotion and my family is doing well here too.” He added.

The playmaker was warning that the season is going to be tough, "We aren’t going to win the games only with the badge, it’s a very difficult league and now we are focused on achieving the goal of promotion. I hope that the group will give the mental leap to know how we are going to compete and that we aren’t going to walk around on the field. We are aware that the team is the favourite, but it doesn’t mean that we would be winning 3-0 after fifteen minutes."

Despite the doubts, Keko believes that the team is physically prepared to debut on Sunday, "Physically, I think we arrive at the top. We have had time and they have pushed us. We have worked with an incredible predisposition. And mentally, the games against Pontevedra and Valladolid B have been good for us to see reality and know that we aren’t to win only by wearing this shirt. That will force us to go out with the necessary tension to know that if we don’t play with intensity, then we won’t win."



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