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15 Oct 2020
Depor’s captain remains asking for justice in the case with Fuenlabrada, and at the same time, is optimistic towards the debut in liga.

Álex Bergantiños addressed the media on Wednesday. The captain of Deportivo said that the whole squad is ready to debut in liga, “We are eager to start. It has been a very long pre-season. I see people mentalized, involved, with enthusiasm and we all want the competition to start.”

Despite the doubts left during the pre-season, he is optimism with the squad’s potential, “I think the look is very good, but then you have to see the competition and how the rivals are doing. It is a very complicated year due to the competition system. I think it’s a balanced group in all lines.”

Later he talked of his renewal, “I am happy. As long as the club considers me useful, I will be here to contribute as much as I can. I’m very excited and enjoying. I will try to contribute as a player, captain and whatever. We didn’t expect to be in this situation at Segunda B, but we have to face it and seek unity and overcome the challenges that the competition will put against us.”

“It’s a sporting renewal, without other things, it has nothing to do with economic issues. I see myself with strength and the club has trusted me. I look forward to it and it’s to extend that tranquility for at least two more years. I think I was last to renew, because they knew there was no problem.” He added.

Álex had strong words towards La Liga for the persecution against him during the Fuenlabrada’s crisis, "From La Liga, I don’t understand the objective of entangling my name in the media, with trying to stain, it seems unethical, but if they are within their right to appeal, they can appeal whatever they want. I said from the first day that I would go to any judge to explain whatever it was, that I had a very clear conscience. There are people who want to get too dirty or not to give explanations. In the end it seems that the only one who has to give explanations is a Depor’s player who hasn’t done anything in the whole Fuenlabrada mess, in the whole health issue, and I hope that justice marks its time with everyone. I, in the other side, remain calm.”



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