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19 Oct 2020
Third defeat in three games for Depor Ladies. Athenea and Peke scored their first goals on the season, but what defined the game was the two headers of Maya Yamamoto.

After two straight defeats, coach Manu Sánchez decided to make changes. There were six modifications at the starting eleven, one of them was a forced one as Cris was injured. The most surprising one was Iris Arnaiz, who was replaced by Carolina Arbeláez at midfield.

Some improvements for Depor Ladies, but the outcome was the same: a defeat. The team looked solid in large frames of the meeting, something that didn’t happen in the previous two games, but it keeps conceding goals, this time the headache was the aerial game.

Deportivo looked better within the first minutes, the Galicians had the ball, but they didn’t have a clear chance to score. Instead, the home team was the one that had the first opportunities. At minute 11, ex-Depor Maya Yamamoto smashed the ball into the wall in a direct free-kick action, two minutes later Brenda Soler missed the target after collecting the ball at the edge of the area.

And then the first goal for RCD Espanyol came, Dulce Giménez released a cross from the right and this time Maya didn’t miss with a header. Deportivo lasted in reacting, but it did it anyway after a cross from Noelia Villegas was headed in by Athenea del Castillo.

After the equalizer, Depor Ladies started to feel more comfortable on the pitch. So, the game returned into the path of the first minutes, with the visiting team having the ball though without having clear chances to score. The only clear opportunity within the final minutes was for Peke, who could have scored the second at the last breath, but her crossed shot went out (45’).

The second part followed the path of the first, with Depor Ladies controlling the ball and without chances to score. Then the Catalans started to make offensive substitutions and the tide changed. Soldevila had a great chance to score the second, but Esther Sullastres made a great save (57’).

And then the second goal arrived for RCD Espanyol, and it was polemic call. Athenea was fouled by Maya inside the area, but no penalty was called, and in the counterattack substitute Cristian Baudet scored with a great strike from long range.

Manu Sánchez made the first substitution and Lía replaced Kika, and soon Depor Ladies found a new equalizer, this time the score was Peke, who found the ball at the edge of the area to score with a great strike.

Lady Andrade was the second substitution as she replaced Carolina Arbeláez. RCD Espanyol found the third goal, again the scorer was Maya Yamamoto and again through a header, this time after a cross from the left.

And there was no response from Deportivo this time. At minute 80, Alba Merino could have scored after Athenea was fouled at the edge of the area, her strong shot in the resulting free-kick was saved by local goalie Kelsey Dossey. The final substitution was the entry of Michelle Romero for Patri López, a desperate move without any consequence.

Espanyol: (4-4-2) Dossey – Elba Prats, Turmo (Cristina Baudet 50’), Soldevila (Nicart 83’), Dulce Giménez (Letti 83’) – Brenda (Laura Fernández 46’), Maya Yamamoto, Manuela Vanegas, Sara Sola – Julve (Débora García 59’), Anaďr Lomba.
Deportivo: (4-4-2) Sullastres – Patri López (Michelle Romero 87’), Blanco, Ainoa, Villegas – Arbeláez (Lady Andrade 68’), Alba Merino, Kika (Lía 63’), Gaby - Athenea, Peke.
goals: 1-0: (17’) Maya Yamamoto, 1-1: (28’) Athenea, 2-1: (60’) Baudet, 2-2: (64’) Peke, 3-2: (70’) Maya Yamamoto
Referee: Arantza Gallastegui Pérez. She showed yellow card to Ainoa (32’), Julve (58’), Lombi (65’), Dulce Giménez (79’) & Alba Merino (87’)
Venue: Dani Jarque field




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