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22 Oct 2020
José Lara is aware that Depor didn’t have a good game against Salamanca CF, but he is convinced that the team will improve as the new players need time and more practice.

José Alonso Lara addressed the media on Wednesday. He admitted that Depor didn’t have a good game on Sunday and was explaining what happened, "In the first half, maybe we failed unnecessary passes, I think these are moments that we are having. We knew how to rebuild things in the second half, even at the beginning we found the goal. The players understand each other quite well, but it was the first game and we are a lot of new people. It was the first contact, a new stadium... everything influences. From the next matches things will be fixed and we will improve".

He also commented on the high pressure that Fernando Vázquez wants to see in his team, "Because of the energy I see in the team and its strength, I think we must put a high pressure. We are aware that it’s difficult to do it continuously for ninety minutes. There are phases in which you have to talk to each other and know when to go. and what to expect.”

The Andalusian attacker also talked of Depor’s game on the wings, "We have players who can do damage out there and we will get results with a better game. The coach knows my characteristics, he knows that I have depth and that I can also look for that game between the lines. Either on the wing and looking for the shot by the inside.”

Finally, Lara talked of the Riazor’s experience, "It helps a lot to have the fans giving us that push on the field, it’s a strong point. It’s important to have them, because in certain moments of the matches they are noticed. The fans of Depor are wonderful and despite the situation we live in, they are helping us. This is very important, we valorize it and are aware of the importance of it.”



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