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25 Oct 2020
Both coaches are aware that their teams need to improve. Depor’s coach doesn’t know if he will switch the system.

Long press conference by Fernando Vázquez. Depor’s coach talked for 30 minutes after Friday’s session. He insisted that his team is in the process of improving and that nobody should expect to win all the games. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Evolution of the team: “The team is in the process of been made, I believe that we have only shown a potential of it, not too high, and the teams are constructed during a process and our way is long. My words aren’t a guarantee, but I hope to see a more released Depor.”

Sunday’s game: “I see the chance to win, even under our circumstances and according to our potential. I only see the chance of winning before a rival that’s pretty well organized having Yago Iglesias as the head coach. He has been there for some years and it’s a complicated game.”

Are you planning changes for Sunday? “Well, I am always open to changes. We train for that, but it means nothing. I always think about it, but what decision will be made? I still have time to decide. “

How to balance the demand of immediate results and the process of building up the team? “I know I am forced to win, always, but I insist, we won’t always win. People must be ready, because in the successful way that we can have, we will meet the defeat. We only hope it won’t happen during the elimination round, and it isn’t incompatible to mix both things, because the grow of this team is based in the personal performance.”

What’s the main thing that the team needs to improve? “Several things, we have a planning and we follow that. I consider that first the team needs concepts and from there we need to evolve, so the systems can flow naturally.”

Return to Santiago: “Santiago is my city. I am a fan of Compostela and that city transformed my life, because I became a full-time coach when I was there. I love the city and I remember with love those games at San Lázaro. It’s a special game in this regard. What I’m going to feel? This is the second time I play there after leaving, and I don’t think there’s going to be any special feeling. We only want to win the game.”

Héctor Hernández: “He remains off and won’t be available for this game, but for next week he will be with us.”

Rolan: “I don’t exactly know his status, so I don’t know when he is going to be with us.”

Will you play with one striker or two? “I won’t talk about it, because I don’t know yet. I was training 4-4-2 during the pre-season due to the players that I have, and also because I consider it’s the perfect system in order to transmit things during the trainings. In the last game we played 4-4-2 since minute 80, don’t forget about that. We have to wait in order to see what we decide.”

Struggling with the passing lanes, do you have the players for the combinative game? “I consider that we have the stricture of the team in order to play like that. Borges, Nacho, Gandoy and even Borja Galán. These players that can control this game, and later we can complete open the game by the sides. Truly the more important positions are behind the line of four or five players like the one presented by Salamanca, and there we need to learn how to play with depth. All these concepts need to be developed during the trainings, and I hope to bring more weapons to Depor in order to win games.”

Conclusions of the substitutes’ performance: “It’s too soon to see which players will be fundamental for the team. We need to wait to see their evolution, later we can talk of which players are fundamental. I consider we have an even squad, and I have five substitutions per game, so these fifteen players are going to be important.”

No public at the stadium: “It will be different. I owe a lot to Compostela, and we could have had 12,000 fans in a normal day and now nobody will be there, this will affect the game.”

What to expect from Compostela: “I’m waiting for a Compostela with the desire to take the ball from us, I know their coach and his way of acting, I don't think he will betray himself. It will be a fight to see who gets it back first and who has it better. Yago Iglesias has been around for several years and that has its advantages. He had already put them on the brink of promotion for several years and has a lot of merit. Hopefully he will take them to Segunda A."

The state of Uche Agbo: “He had a few minutes in the last game, Segunda B isn’t the same than Segunda A, therefore his adaptation process could be shorter. He is much better now.”

Fabril’s Trilli trained with the first team on Thursday: “I watched him, also in the game of Fabril. I know his characteristics, and I like him. We need to perfect him, but he has talent and abilities. There are a lot of lads like him, and not all of them will arrive to the first team, so he needs some luck and also needs to prepare himself.”

Yago Iglesias also addressed the media on Friday. He is aware that SD Compostela is far from their best form and also praised Fernando Vázquez. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The team needs to improve: “It has been a very similar week compared to last year. I think it has been the week that we have least talked about the rival, we have focused on working on the aspects that we believe are necessary in order to reach our best version after what we saw last weekend."

Problems adapting to the league: "We want the team to have more and better records, greater capacity to face the different stages of the game, and in this case we have to reach an intermediate point between what we want and what the rival allows us to show. Before we could have dominance for long periods of the game, but we know that in this league it will not be like that.”

“In the previous game, we did 31 very good minutes, without being our best version. Our idea was embodied at the Reina Sofía, and with the goal the team realized the reality of this league. We need to hurry and we will still not be able to see the real Compostela. It will take time for us to get our maximum performance, as we pick up the pace of competition and with the pass of the matchdays we will see what level this Compostela has.”

Bicho will miss the game: “He traveled to Salamanca last week, but we already knew we weren't going to be able to count on him, and based on that we were going to see how he evolved throughout the week. It’s true that he forced during the week, we wanted to see if he would arrive on time, but it will not be like that.”

Deportivo: “A priori Deportivo is the clear favorite, but our idea is to play a good game and start adding points, what better way to do it than at home. It’s a team that has many variations, which can be played in different ways. Not only they have players for it in their extensive squad, but Fernando Vázquez is also the coach, a reference for everyone. It’s a very hard-working team, which handles different schemes and different situations within the game itself. We look forward to a Depor as what it is, the great benchmark of the league, a team with a very high level and very difficult to defeat.”

Fernando Vázquez: “To think of high-level Galician teams is to talk about Fernando Vázquez. He also left a mark outside of Galicia. For me he is a reference, because he’s a coach who has reached the elite without having been a former player, as is my case. In addition to facing a great team for me, it’s a source of excitement to face a coach like Fernando.”




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