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26 Oct 2020
First win for Valerón and Fabril on the season. The team had problems in the first half, but everything was resolved as soon as the rival opened up its game.

Valerón and Manuel Pablo were able to sit on the bench after missing the opening matchday. And they had problems to prepare the meeting as up to six players were out. Iñigo Reinoso, Juan Cambón, Raúl Pescador, Javi Sánchez and Javier Sanmartín were injured, while Famoussa Kanouté was suspended.

In the end five players from Juvenil A were picked in order to fill the gaps: Juan Rodríguez, Guille Bueno, Yeremay Hernández ‘Peke’, Brais Val and Mario Nájera. Four changes were made at the starting formation, including goalkeeper Alberto Sánchez.

Somehow the result could be deceiving, because Fabril had problems in the first half. UD Paiosaco was a solid block defending and everything collapsed for them after allowing the first goal at the end of the half. They tried to attack in the second part and it was then when Fabril demonstrated its punch and clinical finishes.

Fabril had the control over the actions since the kick-off, but it had problems to create scoring opportunities. The first chance to score was a shot of Manu Mosquera that was blocked by visiting goalie Adrián Mallo (8’). From there the locals had big problems to step into the rival’s area.

And their next chance to score was a disallowed goal to Víctor Guedes, who was offside at the moment of heading in a corner-kick from Álex Barba (34’). But despite the problems, Fabril managed to end the first half with the advantage in the scoresheet.

The goal came after Manu Mosquera stole the ball in offensive positions, and from there he assisted Rayco Rodríguez, who crossed the keeper from close range. Both attackers were among the best players in the game. Meanwhile, the defence wasn’t facing too many problems.

The second half saw a UD Paiosaco more interested in attacking and finding the equalizer, and that just killed them, because Fabril punished with three counterattacks that ended in goals. Fabril started to find tranquility with the second goal.

Álex Boedo unleashed a counterattack on the left, he ran with the ball and released a perfect cross that Manu Mosquera converted into his first goal of the season. The locals protested the play, because they argued that Boedo fouled Verdejo in the process.

And the third goal arrived soon, and again in a counterattack action. This time it was Rayco who made the play and released a volley that Jorge Sarmiento transformed into the third goal. Before the goal, Álex Pérez had replaced Guedes.

The game was already defined and Valerón started to make changes in order to bring minutes to the lads. Juvenil A Mario Nájera replaced Sarmiento, while Miguel Prendes entered for Álex Barba.

There was time to score two more goals. The fourth goal arrived in a corner-kick, Rayco released the cross and centre-back David Suárez headed the ball in. The fifth was a new counterattack, Nájera crossed from the right and Manu Mosquera scored his second in the game. Álvaro Yuste was the final substitution as he replaced David Suárez.

Fabril: (4-3-3) Alberto – Iván Guerrero, David Suárez (Yuste 77’), Juan Rodríguez, Boedo – Villares, Barba (Prendes 72’), Guedes (Álex Pérez 60’) – Sarmiento (Nájera 72’), Manu Mosquera, Rayco.
Paiosaco (4-4-2) Mallo – Madero, Casariego (Jesús Sayes 43’), Vicente (Gamallo 55’), Días – Pombo, José Moure, José Vázquez (Modia 46’), Verdejo (Viqueira 53’) – Torres, Litos.
Referee: Alejandro Castro. He showed yellow card to Guedes (7’), Casariego (26’) & José Moure (55’).
Goals: 1-0: (38’) Rayco, 2-0: (54’) Manu Mosquera, 3-0: (62’) Sarmiento, 4-0: (73’) David Suárez, 5-0: (76’) Manu Mosquera.
Venue: Abegondo





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