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27 Oct 2020
A team without soul and a defined system has brought the first criticism among the fans and the media, and it’s a hard one after only two games. The 4-5-1 system is still without suiting this Deportivo.

1- Disappointing: It’s not that the fans and the media were expecting to win all the games and destroy the competence, but after years of poorness and suffering, they desperately want to see a team with an identity and a clear pattern, that’s why the disappointment is so big after watching a soulless and clueless Deportivo at the Vero Boquete stadium. Fernando Vázquez’s team didn’t show anything special, and the fire from the papers is already there despite only completing two matchdays. La Voz de Galicia wrote that Depor don’t deserve to have four points, while La Opinión A Coruña simply described the team as “vulgar”. It’s dangerous to have the media and the fans against the team, something witnessed in the first round of last season.

2- The system isn’t working: The main reason why this Deportivo isn’t working is the 5-4-1 system implemented by the coach, this game was a clear demonstration of it, because it failed both for offensive and defensive tasks. Borges and Álex were advancing their position, Borges to the point of been playing at the edge of the left corner of the area, Álex a little delayed and Nacho González almost as a second striker, but with the responsibility of liking his partners with the wingers. This accumulation of men should have broken a defensive line that had problems when it was under pressure, but inexplicably the team was focusing the attacks by the left wing of Lara.

Only two actions by the centre ended in scoring opportunities, in the first half a free-kick action, and in the second the shot of Nacho that hit the crossbar. It’s pointless to put so many players at the centre for that outcome. It was also strange to not attack by the wing of Keko, side in which he was totally superior to the mark in the few arrivals from the right.

And defensively, the act of playing with midfielders in advanced positions have a consequence, and it’s the lagoons that the defenders have to cover.  It was there that SD Compostela damaged with their transitions by the centre, either with short or long passes.

3- The only good news: the defence: Precisely, the defence had a tough game for the advance position of the midfielders, the centre-backs had to run more of what’s normal, and both Mujaid and Borja Granero brought a sense of security in this difficult task. And all of this even with the big problems on the sides, because both starting side defenders had to leave the pitch with hamstring injuries. The exit of Salva Ruiz forced Bóveda to play on the left, Valín entered without warning up and was early booked, but he held on and even saved the team at the last minute. And the exit of Bóveda allowed the entry of Erik Osede, who had a decent performance covering the holes.

4- The position of Nacho González: Nacho González is a player with a unique way to strike the ball, he demonstrated this during the pre-season and also with he shot that hit the crossbar. The problem is that he is lost in this scheme been force to go back and act as a playmaker, it gives the feeling that he would play better acting as a second striker without the burden of acting as the link between the other midfielders and the striker. 

5- Criticism for the changes: Iago Gandoy and Borja Galán were among the  best player in the last stretch against Salamanca CF, and this with both men coming out from the bench, for this reason it was strange that Pombo (in the place of Fernando Vázquez) didn’t rely on them for the final stretch of this game. Instead Rui Costa and Miku entered the field and nothing happened, stranger was the fact that Galán was going in and the modification was cancelled when Bóveda got injured. 



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