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10 Nov 2020
Two big changes at half-time helped to improve the performance by Deportivo. The team had a new discrete start, something that could be the result of the absence of the coach on the grass.

1- Lack of concentration: For the fourth time this season Deportivo showed a worrying face in the first half, only to slightly improve in the second. It’s normal that any team can have a bad game, but in the case of Deportivo it is something repeated in every game. It means a lack of concentration as the players don’t follow the orders of the coach and only react after been advised at half-time. It could also be the result of the long absence of Fernando Vázquez, who fulfilled the sanction in this match. So, it will be interesting how will the players behave in the next game with the coach already directing the game from the grass.

2- A solid defence? Deportivo have clinched three clean sheets in four games, and the only goal conceded came after a punctual error in a bad clearance of the goalkeeper during a corner-kick. This points out to a solid defence, but somehow the back zone is leaving doubts, because in each game there are distractions that were close to cost goals. In this game it happened twice in the second half.  Both in crosses in which the defence failed, the first a header by Andriu that meant the big save of Carlos Abad (60’), and seven minutes later a new dangerous cross left a rival, Jairo Cárcaba, alone inside the box, this time he sent the ball out. So, Depor isn’t conceding, but those continues glitches are leaving big question marks about the solidity of the defence.

3- The movement of the attackers: The main factor to explain why Deportivo improved comparing both halves is the movement of the attackers. In the first part, the attackers were too static, no one was trying to open a gap and the defenders didn’t suffer, and for this reason the ball was constantly passing through the boots of Álex, who was receiving the ball without anything to do as he was facing a wall with five partners in front of him without moving, and the only solution was to make short and inconsequential passes. The attitude was different in the second half, the attackers were constantly moving searching for the back of defenders, and that’s when Coruxo started to suffer. Depor scored once and could have netted more goals. The ball was not passing though the midfielders anymore, instead the transitions were faster as the defenders were directly assisting the wingers, Borges or Nacho González.

4- Uche Agbo and Álex Bergantiños: The second difference witnessed in both halves was the position of both midfielders. In the first half, Álex Bergantiños was playing as the only pivote. The captain was supposed to act as a centre-back, but instead he advanced his position and Uche Agbo covered the defence, then Borges made a step forward and formed a line of five players with Nacho González, the wingers and Beauvue. That picture changed in the second part, Álex stayed in defence, and it was Agbo the one acting as the link between the defence and Borges, and Depor won with that, because the physical presence of the Nigerian was a plus that helped to steal the ball in several opportunities.

5- Two teams with strikers’ problems: Coruxo FC haven’t scored a goal after four games, and it isn’t an accident. They impressed with their display at the Riazor, but later they don’t have a centre forward with quality and that’s noticed. Meanwhile, Deportivo have that kind of player in Miku and Beauvue, but both aren’t having a good moment. Beauvue had a discrete game, and his best move was to participate in the play of the goal. In the case of Miku, he hasn’t impressed until this point, though he made a couple of interesting runs after entering as a substitute.



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