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13 Nov 2020
Winger Borja Galán has had good moments in this start to the season despite only playing for 63 minutes, but he doesn’t want to be considered as a revulsive.

Borja Galán talked to reporters, he hasn’t played as a starter, he has only played 63 minutes in three games, but he left good feelings in those minutes. Still, he doesn’t want to be labeled as a revulsive, "I am aware that when the rivals are tired, and you come in as a replacement, you have some advantage. But it wouldn’t do me any good to label myself as a revulsive. I’m ambitious and I think I can do that job from the beginning and keep it. My efforts are oriented in that path and also my desire to convince the coach that I can do it well for ninety minutes.”

The winger is also aware of the negative comments towards the game of the team, "We try to abstract ourselves from all the noise that’s generated in the environment. We are the first to be self-critical with the way we play. But not everything will be so bad when we have added 10 of 12 possible points... We get abstracted and we are critical. And that’s the way. To be together, saying what we think between us and to leave everything else in the outside.”

"I remember when we went to play in Salamanca against Unionistas, we saw the field and nobody bothered to complain. With the stadium under construction, the changing rooms half done... I liked that there wasn’t a complaint, not a reproach. That is because the team has acclimatized and knows what to do. We know what we are going to find and we are prepared.” He added.

Galán also had some words for the arrival of Diego Rolan, "He has trained with us and has done it at the same pace, I don’t think it will cost him much to get into shape. He is one more partner and we will help him in whatever he needs. We are happy that he is there. He’s willing to help and will depend on how he is physically. He can help us a lot."



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