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13 Dec 2020
Both coaches don’t see the game as a derby. Depor’s coach didn’t want to talk about systems for the game, but it’s happy with the return of the public at the stands.

Fernando Vázquez addressed the media on Friday. He talked of the injured players, but didn’t want to confirm if he will stay playing with a line of three centre-backs. . The following is a summary of the main things he said.

State of the squad: “The team is fine, we are recovering Miku, Lara is suspended and Derik is close to return. The team is calm and waiting for the game.”

 Keko and Derik Osede: “Derik will train with us on next week and possible Keko too, so the injury room will be clean. Those are my expectations. Will they play in Copa? We will confirm it, but they are close to return.”

Playing against a B squad and their inexperience: “For me it’s one more rival, we are urged to add the points and that’s it. The regularity isn’t a norm with young players, but they are expecting to be promoted. Their football could be fluid as they have enthusiasm.”

Is this a derby? “I don’t see the game as a derby and neither as a confrontation between two teams with a rivalry, it’s just one more team visiting the Riazor. For me the rivalry is with the fist team of Celta, but the situation is like this, even painful. Nobody should be trying to convert this into a derby, because it isn’t. I feel the responsibility to win, but that’s it.”

The continuity of Rolan: “I will love to see him continuing, but… We will enjoy of him as he is here.”

All the strikers are available for the first time on the season: “The fact that a team plays well doesn’t depend only on the strikers. What makes a team be attractive is to have a high pace. We made a step forward in some sense against Pontevedra, later we will see if we can create scoring opportunities, but the team is moving forward.”

Lara and Keko are out, what will be the choices on the wings? “I don’t have too many solutions. I only have Lara and Keko for the wings, you can call Borja Galán a winger too, but it’s a more classical winger. The diamond figure at midfield is possible, I still have 48 hours to decide, but it’s true that we don’t have natural wingers for the game.”

Rui Costa tested as a starter: "He is in a different shape compared to when he arrived here. Every day he is closer, because every day he is better. He is working hard; he is working well. You can always work more, be better prepared, but he is close to be at the top. Every time he goes out, he gives the feeling that he may be an important player for us.”

Will you change the draw with three centre-backs? “It’s one of the possibilities for the game.”

One thousand fans at the stands:” I am expectant and excited, because I already saw the behavior of the Deportivismo in the first game of the season. I expect for a wonderful atmosphere, to reconnect with football, which is the relationship team-stand. That’s a football game. Everything is lived differently. Football in its purest form.”

Last game in 2020, the importance of the victory: “It could be important in the sense that you could go to vacation with a good taste in the mouth, you could be enjoying more with the family, but if you lose, then it could be different, it could be harder as we play until January 10.”

Onésimo Sánchez addressed the media on Friday. He doesn’t consider the game as a derby and believes that his team is doing a positive season despite the changing results. The following is a summary of the main things he said.

Balance of the season: “We knew it was a complicated year for many things. Also, we, with the connotation that we work for the first team, which takes players from us and in that we are at a very high level. In the last game we were pretty bad, it was the worst game since I arrived at Celta. These are things that happen. Until last Sunday we had competed very well and played football very well, which is something that I value. It’s important that what you train ends happening. The balance is positive.”

Goal of the team: “Consistency is always important. There are always too many failures, because too many people want the same goal. In our case, with everything that’s happening to us, the non-negotiable thing is to compete to the death and play football well. Every week our first team takes between four and five players from us. That’s also great news. We want to be as high as possible, but we are a team made for many other things, with a lot of youth and with many players who have to help us.”

Your only win as a Primera coach took place at the Riazor: “It was a difficult time in Valladolid. We were leaders with the B squad, the first team didn’t go well and we took it. I remember we played a very good game and the team took a breath at a very difficult moment.”

What do you think seeing Depor at Segunda B? “It is the great thing about our sport, unexpected situations that happen. That's why the pools are never hit, that's why our sport is so great. It has unpredictable moments and, no matter how many stories you have experienced as is my case, there is always something that surprises you. You have to be prepared, in case it happens to you, to deal with it. This is football, for the good and for the bad. That's why we like it so much.”

Is Deportivo's performance disappointing you? “There are many ways to play football and all of them are legal. Each one expresses what they believe, what they like and adapting to the conditions of their players, always within an idea. Depor is a very reliable team, they allowed only a few goals, and is strong at both areas. For all that, they’re at the top and it’s the clear favorite to achieve the first place, knowing that it’s very difficult for everyone to win, because football is very close to winning despite the fact that Deportivo has players who have shown their level in other leagues.”

Is it a derby? “I consider it a very important game, very motivating for our people and for our day to day. These are three points of great prestige. We know the difficulty of what awaits us, but also how much it can give us if we play a lot at what we want.”

Are your players motivated? “Obviously, we cannot forget that it’s something special, but we are going to impose the same pace of work, we have an idea, a game plan, and work on things that may happen to us and to Depor. On the street I imagine that these days are going to be a little different, but this is still 90 minutes, one ball and eleven against eleven. The side knowing how to express their idea for more minutes is the one that will have a lot of advantage.” 




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