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14 Dec 2020
First defeat on the season and it’s a painful one. Depor only knew how to tie the game in the first part but, after the second goal, it was ineffective in attack and ended humiliated by Celta’s B squad.

Coach Fernando Vázquez decided to keep the system with three centre-backs, after been tested as a starter, Rui Costa was left on the bench. In the end the only modification compared to the past game at Pontevedra CF, was the entry of Nacho González for Gandoy

The draw was a 5-4-1. Carlos Abad was the staring keeper; Eneko Bóveda covered the right side of the defence, the left flank was for Salva Ruiz. Álex Bergantiños entered the starting formation and joined Mujaid Sadick and Borja Granero at the central positions. Celso Borges and Uche Agbo performed at midfield, Nacho González attacked from the right wing, Borja Galán did it from the left and Diego Rolan was the centre forward.

At Celta B, coach Onésimo Sánchez presented the expected lineup, which was the one that lost against SD Compostela. The only novelty was goalkeeper Patrick Sequeira. Zoran Josipović, Bruninho and Fran López were the references in attack.

One of the best first halves by Deportivo on the season, ironically los Blanquiazules ended trialing after conceding too much space to Alfon, who scored twice. The system continued without working, because both side defenders weren’t creating damage on the sides, instead the main opportunities came thanks to Borges, Borja Galán and especially Diego Rolan.

Deportivo started the game putting a high pressure, the locals had a more direct game than in previous meetings, by minute 4, Los Blanquiazules already had one lateral free-kick and two corner-kicks in favour.

Celta B were too hurried, they were attempting fast transitions and the result was to constantly lose the ball.  The locals were feeling pretty comfortable and were focusing the attacks on the right wing, but Bóveda and Borja Galán were ineffective with the passes.

The first approximation for Celta B was a quick move of Zoran Josipović on the left wing, his cross hit the elbow of Bóveda and went out. Depor responded with the first two clear opportunities to score. The first was a shot of Nacho Gonzalez that went close to the far post (15’), one minute later the crossed shot of Rolan was deflected to corner-kick.

Deportivo should have scored at minute 19, a big error at Celta B left the ball to Rolan, who assisted Borja Galán, and the ex-Fabril lasted too much in releasing the shot and ended blocked by three rivals.

The locals were completing a solid first half, but they were going to concede the first goal in the game. Alfon collected the ball at the left side of the area and ended releasing a strong shot into the top corner. The defence allowed too much room to him in this play.

Deportivo were trailing for the first time on the season and only needed four minutes to tie the scoresheet. Borges released a high cross from the right, Rolan managed to chest the ball at the edge of the area and it was transformed into a perfect assist to see Borja Galán scoring from close range.

At minute 34, Borges drilled a perfect pass into the left corner of the box, Bóveda tried to assist Rolan, but the ball was cleared to corner-kick. Depor continued to be the best team, but Celta B claimed a new lead, again Alfon scored. And again Depor’s defence gave too much room to him, they were unable to clear a long play and the midfielder scored with a new curved shot.

Maybe Deportivo didn’t deserve to be trailing after what was saw in the first half, but Celta B deserved to win for what they did in the second part. The had the control for 30 minutes and even deserved to score a third goal.

The final part followed the path of the first half. Depor were putting a high pressure and earned two corner-kicks within the first minute, while Celta B were betting in quick attacks searching for Alfon. The first chance to score was a cross from the left that Borges was close to head, but Pampin cleared the ball first.

But then the game changed. Depor had the same problems of the first half, because the side defenders were ineffective on the wings, while Nacho González was missing too many passes in attack. Celta B continued to look dangerous in the counterattack and showed the maturity to control the tempos of the match, they had the first shot on target in the half through Alfon and Carlos Abad made the save (61’).

Deportivo were fading away and Fernando Vázquez made the first substitution, thus Rui Costa entered for Nacho González. At this height in the game Celta B were the best team on the pitch, the locals weren’t chaining three passes. Bruninho could have scored at minute 65, but his low attempt went close to the far post.

The first shot on target for Depor came until minute 71, Salva Ruiz was assisted by Borges, and his attempt was blocked by Siqueira. Depor were too nervous and a new mistake in defence was close to cost the third goal after the shot of Bruninho went close to the crossbar (72’).

Vázquez finally decided to change the side defenders, Valin and Héctor Hernández entered the field, Yago Gandoy was also on the pitch replacing Uche Agbo. Both Bóveda and Salva Ruiz worked hard, but that isn’t enough when the team is unable to release a proper close.

The true is that the entries of Héctor and Valín arrived too late, the team was already tired and it didn’t have an impact in the result. Celta B were still finding plenty of room for the counterattack, Manu Justo attempted a curved shot in one of these actions, but Abad made the save (76’).

Deportivo harassed within the final fifteen minutes, the only time when Celta B lost control of the actions, Beauvue replaced Rolan, but the only chance to score in this frame was a shot of Borja Granero in a corner-kick action in which the ball went close to the near post (88’). Vázquez “crowned” his poor decisions with a new expulsion and the third goal could have arrived through Manu Justo, but he was unable to score when he was alone before Carlos Abad (90+1’).

2020 is over, at least in liga, and Deportivo closed it in the worst possible way, losing for the first time on the season and did it before the B squad of Celta. Los Blanquiazules were too nervous and allowed two goals in the first part, then completed a nefarious second part in which the rival could have scored a third goal.

Deportivo didn’t seize the setbacks by Pontevedra CF and Racing Ferrol, Unionistas is the new leader and Depor are second at the standings. The next game in liga will take place until January 10 (At Zamora CF), but there’s a final game in 2020 as Los Blanquiazules host CD El Ejido on Thursday playing for Copa Del Rey (17h00 CET).

Deportivo: (5-4-1) Carlos Abad – Bóveda (Valin 73’), Mujaid, Álex Bergantiños, Borja Granero, Salva Ruiz (Héctor Hernández 73’) – Nacho González (Rui Costa 64’), Borges, Uche Agbo (Gandoy 73’), Borja Galán –Rolan (Beauvue 83’).
Celta B: (4-4-2) Sequeira - Ferrarés, Lucas, Carlos Domínguez, Pampín - Markel, Holsgrove, Alfon, Bruninho (Losada 82’) - Manu Justo, Josipović (Veiga 74’).
Goals: 0-1: (23) Alfon, 1-1: (27’) Borja Galán, 1-2: (38’) Alfon
Referee: Fernando Román Román. He showed yellow card to Josipović (56’), Bóveda (64’), Markel (87’), Sequeira (89’), Alfon (90’) & Álex Bergantiños (90+2’)
Venue: Riazor (1,000).



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