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15 Dec 2020
A historic defeat that will remain as one of the most embarrassing moments for Deportivo. Fernando Vázquez failed in everything, from the initial lineup to the decisions made throughout the game.

1- Humiliating: One of the lowest moments in the history of the club, if not the lowest ever. To lose against the B squad of Celta at the Riazor is a humiliation for the fans and for a shirt full of memories and pride. And it’s also painful taking in mind that Celta B didn’t do anything extraordinary, it just showed a maturity and an order that was impossible to break by a Deportivo that once again demonstrated its incapacity to develop a solid idea of football.

2- The game with more shots: Ironically, the first defeat on the season came in the game in which Deportivo completed more shots. During this start of the season the team has been criticized for displaying a poor offensive football, to the point of winning matches only completing one shot on target (a penalty against Racing Ferrol). Now Depor completed nine shots (three on target) in its best offensive presentation, at least in numbers, and it suffered the first defeat.

3- The 5-4-1 doesn’t work: Once again it’s demonstrated that a 5-4-1 figure doesn’t work in this Deportivo, because it needs two fullbacks capable to releasing proper crosses, and neither Bóveda nor Salva Ruiz are those type of players. None of the scoring chances had by the team were born with the participation of these players. In the end the danger comes with the moves of Rolan at the centre or with Borges and Nacho joining the game by the sides. This was the first big mistake of Fernando Vázquez, who incredibly didn’t see this problem in the previous game at Pontevedra CF, to the point that he repeated the scheme in this game.

4- The disastrous decisions of the coach: The poor decisions of Fernando Vázquez didn’t end with the initial formation, but continued throughout the game, because he lasted 73 minutes in realizing that the fullbacks weren’t working. He replaced Bóveda and Salva with Valín and Héctor Hernández, but at that point it was too late. Also, inexplicably he never removed the third centre-back despite been trailing and despite his team wasn’t creating opportunities against a rival playing on the counterattack.

5- First defeat in five months: This is the first defeat on the season for Deportivo, and the first in five months. The previous setback was in the visit to CD Mirandés in the penultimate matchday of last season (1-0, July 17). It’s also the sixth defeat in 29 games with Fernando Vázquez, the second at the Riazor after the disastrous game Vs. Extremadura UD (2-3, July 12).



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