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15 Dec 2020
The coach and Borja Galán were talking of a panful defeat, the president talked of shame. Vázquez didn’t want to admit his errors and prefers to think of the future.

Coach Fernando Vázquez didn’t want to admit that the defeat against Celta B was humiliating, but he admitted that it was painful, "It’s a painful defeat. I share that feeling, especially for arriving at this time, losing against the B squad of your competitor in the highest level in Galicia... I knew we were going to have some defeat. I didn’t expect it to be today, I expected it to be further or never to occur."

"An unforeseen defeat, at least on my part. I’m sorry to give this sadness to the Deportivismo, which wasn’t at the best moment, but we will recover and continue to achieve what we have to achieve, which is to return to Segunda Division A." He added.

The Galician coach was criticized for making late changes, but he didn’t want to admit that the modifications arrived too late, "Rui Costa entered at minute 60, ten minutes later I made three more changes and I consider that we had enough time. The final change was made as I thought that we needed a good player to head the ball like Claudio [Beauvue]."

He analyzed what failed in the second half, "We lacked calm, tranquility to move the ball with precision, with clarity for the final objective that’s to reach the rival’s goal. We lost it and we were more uncontrolled. That’s what happened. Difficult to understand because I was satisfied despite the fact that they scored twice. We were down two to one but, playing calmly and calmly as in the first half, we would have options to come back from the game. Which didn’t happen. Then we looked for solutions but lost control a bit. I don't know how the possession was in the second half, but the ball was more disputed when in the first half we were clearly owners of it.”

Despite everything, Fernando Vázquez was even saying that the defeat was more an accident than sign of a problem, "A bit of an accident, it was accidental. We suffered two shots and two goals. That can happen. It happened to Deportivo today."

Borja Galán was also talking of a painful defeat, "The changing room is feeling annoyed, as it should be at the moment. First defeat of the season. We know there is a lot left. It hurts especially because it was against the B squad of our eternal rival. It’s good that it hurts, it has to hurt us as we need to get up.”

"Everything wobbles a bit. In the end it is the first defeat, against the B team of the eternal rival. We have to be able to find the mix. At the beginning of the season we were winning perhaps without generating goal situations, perhaps being more practical. Today we have found many chances, a lot of happy football. Maybe that has penalized us defensively. We have to find that mix of styles. It's difficult to say today, but I think we are on the right track." He added.

On Monday president Fernando Vidal talked to reporters as the club was presenting the Teresa Herrera. He was talking of shame, “It was an extremely painful defeat, I even felt some shame about the fact itself. But as an athlete, I relativize successes and failures. The defeat is very hard, not even in the worst dreams of a Deportivista, but when we are in the competition we are in, it can happen. I'm feeling screwed, the night has been long, but it's time to raise your head. The failure will be if we do not achieve the objective. There are 102 teams in Segunda B and only one is forced to move up: Deportivo.”

Despite the result, Depor’s boss was rejecting the idea that the coach could be sacked, “We will have a meeting with the board tomorrow, but I don’t see a debate about the coach. In my experience, I believe we need to be calm and see how things evolve. We arrived at the club with one foot at Segunda B and I believe he is the right coach for Deportivo. With Fernando Vázquez we played fifteen games at the Riazor, and yesterday it was only the second defeat.”

At Celta B, Onésimo Sánchez was showing his happiness for the outcome, "It was difficult for us to start, because Depor is a great team. We have settled down and from there we have arrived quite well, at times we have made the difference with the quick transitions to hurt Depor in driving and passing. The team has been faithful to an idea and in the end has won the reward.” 





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