Site History


As our slogan says so, we are a website created by Depor's fans with the only objective of satisfying the necessities of information in our readers, specially the ones that don't understand Spanish, fans that like any other Galician are wishing to know more about their favourite club: Real Club Deportivo La Coruņa. Our main work consists in translating into English the press articles related to the club's news, also to manifest the opinions of our readers and editors.

At the same time, we try to collect the major number of photos about the squad's players, coaches, officials, installations and any other thing related to the club. We can affirm that our database is now conformed by thousands of photos and articles collected within these years. In resume, our main concern is to see the fans than don't understand Spanish finding all the information they want in one single place. Information related to the best club in the world: our Deportivo.

It could seems strange now, but until March of the year 2000 there wasn't any website in English dedicated to Deportivo La Coruņa; even the official site still without a section dedicated to the English speaking fans. A Dutch fan, Leon, saw this necessity and he decided to start the project after realising about the problems faced by the fans that didn't understand Spanish.

The site started simply as a news section that was presenting daily articles about the club's news, a section that still working after nine years and that's visited daily by more than 1,500 viewers. Since that point, the fans throughout the world were able to follow the beginning of Irureta's successful European campaigns, the same squad that conquered the copa del rey in the Centenariazo in 2001 and that astonished Europe during its first appearances at the Champions League. The website also had a special section for downloads and wallpapers related to the team; we were the first ones to offer Depor's multimedia content on the web. We were also the first ones that presented individual pages dedicated to every player at Deportivo.

The site was relaunched in the year 2002, this time Leon was not alone. A group of fans joined him and they started to work in the improvement of the website. In this way other sections were added, among other things a forum in English, an editorial section, a special presentation of Depor's historic games and other section dedicated to the evolution of Depor's kits. The appearance of the forum in English was a big success (March 2003), thanks to this, hundreds of fans around the world were able to reunite themselves in one single place in order to follow the latest news about Deportivo and also to live the matches of the squad. In this way the fans enjoyed with the incredible comeback against AC Milan in Champions League, and they also suffered as the team was demolished in the historic defeat against AS Monaco FC.

Recently, the members of the forum created a "peņa", in other words of group of people that's recognised by the same club as an official supporting group. Thanks to this, we became the first Internet peņa of Depor, the one with the biggest distribution of fans around the globe, a powerful group that possess members in the five continents.

And in the year 2008, the website was relaunched for the second time. In this occasion a major "facelift" was done. The site is now presenting another image and a more "friendly" format, all thanks to our friends at Datart Webdesign. At the same time, presented new sections like the ones dedicated to Deportivo B and the youth system, all of this according to the new policy followed by the club.

All things change in this life, even the websites. Therefore the reader can expect that we will continue trying to improve our contents. All with the only objective of offering more and better information to the fans out there. It has been a long way, but this is only the beginning. We will continue working, so the language won't be a barrier to see the fans around the world knowing more about the club they love: Deportivo La Coruņa.